We can no longer be with each other.

You feel that your relationship has no future. You think it is high time to end it. Whatever the reasons are, do it with class.

We can no longer be with each other.

Not sure how? Here’s a guide for you.

If you’re the one who decides to have the conversation about ending the relationship, unfortunately you need to know that it won’t be easy. But prepare for it and conduct it in such a way that you offend your partner as little as possible and don’t feel sorry for yourself that you acted like the last bastard.

Admittedly, we live in such times where apart from face-to-face conversation we often communicate by phone, email or text message, but you can’t just write to her: “this is pointless, let’s not meet again, I hope you understand me. “. While this would be the easiest solution, respect her feelings and under no circumstances run away from the conversation. Such behavior is a sign of cowardice, and after all, you and your – soon to be ex-partner – once had a lot in common.

The most important thing in such a conversation is honesty. Don’t spin, don’t make up random reasons why you think this relationship doesn’t make sense. Tell her about your feelings, explain the reasons behind your decision. Even if it’s another woman, you need to tell her. She will probably find out anyway – even if she doesn’t pursue the subject, there is a possibility that her friends will “report” it or she will find out by chance – that the very next day you were on a romantic walk with some “blonde”. But don’t surprise her at the very beginning with news about someone else. Be calm, gentle, think about how she feels, what emotions she is experiencing and try to understand her.

Don’t give her any signs that there is still a chance to change your decision. If you are convinced of your decision, don’t tell her that you need a break, that you might try again in a while. Really the truth is best than uncertainty. The worst thing you can say in this situation is “let’s stay friends”. If you say that, don’t be surprised if she throws something at you.

During the conversation, you can say that you hope that the nice moments spent together will remain in your memory forever. However, don’t let this be the beginning of your memories together. This is not the time to reminisce or to “tear up” wounds. Don’t throw away what you didn’t like about the relationship. This risks a big brawl, which is not what it’s all about.

After the conversation, don’t try to call her, ask her how she’s doing, how she’s doing. This can only raise her hopes that there is still a chance to save the relationship. Of course, this does not mean that you should forget about her once and for all. You still have mutual friends whom you can ask how your “ex” is coping with this new situation. You can talk to them, ask them to try to take care of her in the near future, so that she is not alone, so that it will be easier for her to come to terms with her new situation. Even if you are no longer together, you were once very important to each other, and nothing can undo that.

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