What are the ways a person’s account can be found on all existing social networks

There is no person who does not use the opportunity to exchange information, communicate with friends through social networks. Sometimes there is a need to find old or new acquaintances, but not everyone knows how among the hundreds of Internet services to find someone who is urgently needed. Let’s understand what applications are better to use, what to pay attention to, and how in all the existing social networks you can find the account of a loved one.

Why do you need to search for a person’s social networking account?

The main reasons to search for people on different platforms:


  • The user is curious about which Internet sites his friend (child, relative) hangs out on;
  • an e-mail was received from an unknown subscriber who offers to communicate;
  • if the wanted person is not registered in the social application available to the subscriber.

Some check on which services the nickname invented by the user is used.

How to find all accounts quickly using services

There are a lot of services that allow you to find a person. Not all of them are comfortable to use, and some of them are paid. To avoid wasting time looking through several hundred accounts on different platforms, use the proven resources.


The platform will help you find your profile if its privacy settings are not enabled (more and more users are closing their accounts from prying eyes).


Service “Yandex.Lyudi” connects accounts on several social platforms. For example, users link to Twitter or Instagram in VK. To narrow down the number of subscribers, specify age, education, profession and city of residence. At the same time, after indexing and searching for a person, the site does not store the information obtained.


Resource “Pervoiskatel” also allows you to find the right person. Filters (city, age) are set here. The search service makes a division into social networks. “Pervoiskatel” searches for a given subscriber through email accounts, school, in the cross-platform messenger ICQ, but does not cover Facebook and LiveJournal.


The minus of the app is that it is slow compared to other resources.


The capabilities of the new search engine exceeds the publicly available internet search engine by a factor of 500. PIPL processes information not only on social networks but also on different databases, forums which are “allowed” only after registration.


There are 5 fields on the main page to process the request, but you only need to fill in the “last name” line to search.


The resource launched in 2016. Initially the search of people by photo in the network VKontakte was free, later the developers decided to monetize the service. Now FindFace cooperates with government agencies and businesses, helping to identify people who have committed crimes and are wanted.


In 2018, after the service was closed for general access, a working analogue appeared, which was named SearchFace. Based on an uploaded photo, it finds similar users in VK.

Are there other ways

There are many ways to get all the information about a person of interest:

  1. The largest search engine is Google.ru. In the search line enter the name and last name of the subscriber, and if known – age and city of residence.
  2. vk.com/search – allows you to find network users without requiring registration. Gives out a fairly large list of users, so it’s recommended to configure filters (age and other).

There are also many opportunities to find a person by email address, phone number. It is enough to use the resources of EmaillSherlock, PeekYou, ZabaSearch.

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