What does the link speed test give us?

Internet speed is extremely important for people who use the network very often and intensively. Choosing the speed of the link we are guided primarily by our needs and opportunities that give us a fast Internet. But is it always as the operator shows us? Is the speed offered by the operator really the same in our home?

What does the link speed test give us?

Link speeds

Operators from which we have the Internet in our computers, phones or tablets promise us all sorts of connection speeds, however, this does not always work out in practice. Let’s think – we pay for our access to the network a certain amount in exchange for 30 Mb/s, and do we actually get such a speed? Checking the test of link speed, we can not be guided only by this result. Why? Because it all depends on the performance of our computer, web browser or operating system installed. So the result should be treated with increased caution, taking into account other factors as well. It is worth to check if our computer works as fast as it should. If there is already a problem with it, we can not expect that the Internet will work perfectly and as it should. We must know that the speed of the link is usually 30-50% of what we have in the contract. Many limitations appear already with us: the distance – plays a very big role, because the data are sent through cables, so a lot depends on the distance between our computer and the server. Exchange of files in P2P generates load and operators themselves block some of the traffic for us.

What to do to improve Internet performance?

So if the results of our test are significantly different from how the Internet should work we should first start by installing the latest network card drivers and software. After performing the updates we have to restart the computer and check whether the result has improved or is still the same. If the updates didn’t help, you should check if your computer and the applications installed on it aren’t constantly connecting to the Internet (because most new applications connect to the network almost all the time). If that’s the case, consider disabling them, because they also overload the speed of the current connection. Finally, we need to check if there is not any unknown device connected to our Wi-Fi network that can use our Internet without our knowledge.

When to start the link test ?

First, close all P2P programs and make sure you’re not downloading anything – any system or program updates are part of this! Check your contract for the exact speed you should be getting. Also check if any programs are not overloading your computer.

Not always our computers are efficient enough for our Internet to reach the speed promised by the operator. A good router is also very important for speed. Sometimes it’s worth it to invest a little more in the equipment that you buy and that you need for your computer to work effectively. This way you will be able to surf the web without being overburdened.

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