What’s the best phone today: Top 22 models ranked by price and quality

In the year 2022 there is little attention paid to the push-button phones. Almost all the reviews are concentrated around touch-screen devices, although there are still a lot of people who are used to using devices with physical buttons. Because of the lack of information, it becomes difficult to understand which button phone 2022 is the best today. However the rating presented below will answer all your questions and will help with the choice.

The best pushbutton phones with a powerful battery

Regardless of whether a person is considering a novelty or less relevant device as a potential purchase, he will certainly be interested in the battery life of a pushbutton phone. After all, the bigger the battery installed in the gadget, the longer it will run on a single charge. Therefore, the first thing we suggest to pay attention to the most autonomous pushbutton phones.


BQ 2817 Tank Quattro Power

The word “Tank” in the name of this model did not appear by chance, because the BQ 2817 Tank Quattro Power is a really powerful device, made in a protected case.

The phone has a pretty impressive display for its class, as well as a high-capacity battery, which could be the envy of even smartphones in 2022. With a battery of 5000 mAh, the user can expect to work for a week with active use. The phone also has a simple camera and support for up to four SIM cards.


  • 4 SIM card slot;
  • battery;
  • protected housing.


  • Camera.



The next phone can be taken to the hike at all, as it is equipped with a radio mode, as indicated by the elongated antenna at the top of the case. The device also has a huge battery and memory card support.

Of course, when it comes to the button device, we do not have to talk about photo quality and performance. DIGMA LINX A230WT 2G simply copes well with its tasks, but it is not devoid of drawbacks. These are the screen, as well as the lack of 3G networks module. That is, the Internet with this phone, you are unlikely to go.


  • walkie-talkie mode;
  • Support for memory cards;
  • Battery of 6000 mAh;
  • Protection from moisture and dust.


  • screen;
  • outdated interfaces.


Philips Xenium E580

The next representative of the rating does not have such an impressive battery, and about the protective features of his owner should forget. However, Philips Xenium E580 is a standard of style for the button phone.

The model has a good camera and a decent battery, which at reasonable use will suffice for a week. Also noted support for MicroSD and relatively modern Bluetooth 3.0.


  • design;
  • photo capabilities;
  • ergonomics.


  • No GPS.


BQ 2430 Tank Power

Next comes the representative of the line “Tank” from the company BQ. Unlike the previously mentioned model, here the battery is not as large, but still enough for those who like to hang on the phone for a long time.

In place protective features, allowing you to take the BQ 2430 Tank Power in any extreme travel. True, the manufacturer does not claim moisture protection, so that a certain accuracy when using the gadget will have to show. In terms of communications, the phone is all right, and it’s hard to find at least one critical flaw.


  • robust case;
  • MicroSD slot;
  • fits comfortably in your hand.


  • Not suitable for navigation.


Philips Xenium E182

Another proof that Philips has not forgotten how to make a good button phone. This model has balanced characteristics and in many ways resembles the E580, so the buyer will have to think seriously before choosing a suitable model.

The Philips Xenium E182 is a standard device without security frills or extra features. The phone has a stylish body with comfortable buttons, which if you want you can even quickly type, although no comparison with the touch screen does not go.


  • appearance;
  • compactness;
  • balanced characteristics.


  • Build quality.


TeXet TM-530R.

Completes the selection of devices with a large battery phone company TeXet. It stands out against its competitors with its shockproof body and IP68 moisture protection.

At the same time TeXet TM-530R is not suitable for those who need a universal device for Internet access and navigation. The phone is a simple dialer with a minimal set of functions. And even the camera installed in the TeXet TM-530R demonstrates all the failure in comparison with the 2-megapixel competitors.


  • protective features;
  • ease of use;
  • assembly.


  • camera.


The best multi-SIM pushbutton phones

Strange as it may seem, the push-button phones are often used by business people, for whom it is important to separate personal life and work. Therefore, for them the main criterion of choice becomes the support of two SIM cards. Below we will consider such models.

BQ 2819 Tank Quattro

BQ phones from the series “Tank” are characterized not only by a shockproof case, but also the availability of a slot for multiple SIM-cards. In this model, you can install four pieces at once to always stay in touch.

The body of the device built a full-fledged flashlight that can help in a difficult situation. There is a large screen on which even a fan of touch devices can comfortably read information, and the buttons BQ 2819 Tank Quattro slightly rubberized and provide a smooth ride.


  • moisture protection;
  • shock-resistant housing;
  • screen.


  • optimization.



The device of a little-known brand, able to stand out with an interesting form factor. The phone is narrow and elongated, so it lies well in the hand. Also, this unit is equipped with a large screen and a high-capacity battery for 27 hours of talk time.

Externally MAXVI P20 looks more expensive than it actually costs. At the same time, after turning it on, it becomes immediately clear in which aspects the manufacturer went to save money. The phone is based on an uncomfortable shell, which now and then slows down, forcing the owner to experience negative emotions during the interaction.


  • design;
  • the display;
  • autonomy.


  • shell.


The best flip phones

Those who remember the trends of the “zero years” probably recall with warmth the so-called “clamshells”. These are compact devices with a hybrid form-factor. And the following rating is devoted to such gadgets.

Panasonic KX-TU456RU.

The stylish phone, which with ease will be placed though in a pocket of clothes, though in a purse. You can choose between two colors: blue and red.

Panasonic KX-TU456RU is equipped with a handy button, when you click on it you start the flashlight. Another interesting solution is the presence of three indicators on the outside of the case. By them you can determine the level of charge, the presence of missed calls and messages.


  • indication;
  • The presence of all necessary connectors;
  • MicroSD slot.


  • operating time.


Philips Xenium E255

It is not the first time in the list of the best button phones from different categories appears device company Philips. Externally, this device does not look like a clamshell, as there is no additional screen and any indication. However, this fact does not greatly spoil the overall impression of the Xenium E255.

The choice of buyer offers a huge variety of colors. In addition to black, white and red, there is a golden hue, as well as the color blue. The device weighs just over 100 grams and feels almost weightless in the hand. Finally, the model got a screen that has thin frames.


  • appearance;
  • memory card support;
  • lightness.


  • battery.


BQ 2814 Shell Duo.

Button phone that supports two SIM-cards is equipped with a tolerable battery, which will not have to charge every day. Externally, the unit looks austere, but when you open it to the owner’s eye opens a flat keyboard with an elegant backlight.

BQ 2814 Shell Duo can definitely be called one of the best solutions for business people. At the same time the phone has a low price, so anyone can buy this device regardless of their status.


  • design;
  • the convenience of the keyboard;
  • battery.


  • No headphone jack.


The best universal button phone Nokia 216 Dual Sim

Those who do not want to spend time reviewing all variants of pushbutton devices, it is recommended to pay attention to Nokia 216 Dual Sim. This is a phone in the classic form factor, offering the best features to date.

Nokia 216 Dual Sim is equipped with two cameras, which is rare in the segment of push-button devices. The device also stands out in appearance with enough color choices for all ages and genders. Despite the modest battery capacity, the phone holds a charge for a long time: the manufacturer claims 18 hours of talk time.

Another important feature is the speaker. Nokia device is characterized by loud sound, which is extremely important if the owner does not want to miss a call. But there are also disadvantages, which are expressed in the absence of 3G communication standard.


  • The design of the body;
  • balanced characteristics;
  • two cameras.


  • Works only in GSM networks (2G).


The best inexpensive cell phones

Fortunately, almost all of the button gadgets have a reasonable price. At the same time, some models often cost more than full-fledged smartphones. In this regard, it is proposed to consider separately the button phones that are sold at a low price.

BQ 3590 Step XXL+.

An incredibly cheap phone that sells for an average of fifteen hundred rubles. In this case, BQ 3590 Step XXL + has a whole bunch of interesting features.

So, the device has a large 3.5-inch screen for comfortable reading messages. In addition, the phone is equipped with a stable FM-receiver and support for memory cards, and the battery capacity does not cause questions for those who are worried about battery life.


  • Cool screen;
  • affordability;
  • compactness.


  • Outdated Bluetooth;
  • no camera.


Nokia 105

Ultrabudgetary models also produces the well-known brand Nokia. However, this model is woven of compromises, the main of which is the screen.

Of course, push-button devices can’t boast large matrices, but the display with a diagonal of 1.4 inches is small even for such a gadget. Also embarrassing is the lack of a camera. However, any shortcomings are broken by the price in the area of 1 thousand rubles.


  • cost;
  • miniaturization;
  • the brand.


  • no camera;
  • small display;
  • autonomy.


TeXet TM-B227

Optimal phone for retirees, with large rubberized buttons for comfortable dialing.

The TeXet TM-B227 is characterized by a good battery and a wide distribution in most well-known retail chains. The presence of a camera in a device for fifteen hundred rubles is in itself a plus, so when considering this apparatus is difficult to pick on insignificant shortcomings such as memory card support for only 16 GB.


  • large buttons;
  • Emergency button;
  • charging package.


  • Supports only GSM cellular networks.


BQ 2432 Tank SE

Throughout this article, we have repeatedly mentioned the line of button phones BQ Tank. This model can be called the younger version at the most affordable price.

The attractive cost of the gadget correlates with its characteristics. The manufacturer had to give up the camera, but not the protective properties of the case. The phone is rubberized, so it is not afraid of falling even from a great height.


  • Protected case;
  • autonomy;
  • suitable for the military.


  • no camera.


Nokia 150 (2020) Dual Sim

An alternative variant without security features, but with a camera.

The updated Nokia 150 is offered in several colors. The pine-green variant looks the most attractive, although the appearance is the last thing a potential buyer will pay attention to. Much more important to note the support of two SIM cards and the lack of a tray for microSD.


  • case design;
  • ease;
  • tray for two SIM.


  • Doesn’t work with memory cards.


The best 3G/4G-button phones

When using the phone, the quality of communication plays a crucial role. The stability of the connection depends not only on coverage, but also on the capabilities of the device itself. Therefore, it is worth choosing gadgets that support 3G or 4G networks.

Alcatel 3025X.

Inexpensive clamshell, working in the third generation networks. At the same time, not all interfaces of Alcatel 3025X are relevant, and therefore it will take a very long time to transfer data via Bluetooth 2.1.

Despite the highlighted disadvantage, the phone boasts a good camera and minimalistic design. The weight of the device is 108 grams, and the battery lasts for 4 hours of conversations.


  • form factor;
  • the camera;
  • stable signal.


  • Old Bluetooth;
  • drains quickly.


BQ 2400L Voice 20

In the name of their models BQ traditionally indicate the words describing the features of the gadget. This model is focused on a clear voice transmission, as BQ 2400L Voice 20 not only has support for 4G, but also VoLTE.

Another feature is the presence of a Wi-Fi module and modern Bluetooth 4.0, which is rarely found in handsets. At the same time, the device has an affordable price, offering 4 gigabytes of internal memory in addition to MicroSD card support.


  • memory;
  • VoLTE;
  • actual networks with perfect signal reception.


  • Sluggishness when working.


Nokia 220 4G Dual sim

As another option for a 4G phone, it is recommended to consider the Nokia 220 4G Dual sim. Yes, this model has the most simple camera, but the combination of other characteristics does not cause questions.

Buying this device, it is important to keep in mind that it does not support 3G networks. That is, the device switches between 2G and 4G. About current interfaces like Bluetooth 4.0 or Wi-Fi is worth forgetting. Nokia 220 4G Dual sim – an ordinary dialer from a reliable brand for those who just need quality communication.


  • lightweight body;
  • 4G module;
  • supports a pair of nano-SIM.


  • Minimum wireless technology.


The best button phones with the Internet

Of course, the web interface is much more convenient to use on a touch-sensitive smartphone. However, the owner of a handheld device may also need access to the Internet, so let’s not forget to talk about network-oriented models.

Nokia 8110 4G

An amazing device, which is popularly nicknamed “banana”. All because of the form factor Nokia 8110 4G and the choice of colors.

Characteristics of the phone is also not bad. The manufacturer has equipped the model not only with 4G, but also with a Wi-Fi 4 sensor. The device guarantees a stable signal reception and can be used outdoors, thanks to support for GPS. The disadvantages are the price, although it is compensated by adequate Nokia 8110 4G stuffing.


  • appearance;
  • interfaces;
  • firmware;
  • 2 megapixel camera


  • price.


Nokia 6300 4G

A model with similar characteristics, but made in a much more familiar form factor.

The phone runs on a fast processor, which does not make web surfing a pain. The availability of 512 MB of RAM allows you to quickly open Internet pages, especially if you connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi. 4G networks are also characterized by a stable reception and do not cause complaints when working on the Nokia 6300 4G.


  • color options;
  • up-to-date interfaces;
  • KaiOS firmware.


  • Picture quality.


Nokia 2720 Flip Dual sim

Completes the rating folding smartphone brand Nokia, offering the usual shell KaiOS in combination with a large screen and modern communication standards.

The Nokia 2720 Flip Dual sim features claim Bluetooth 4.1, as well as fourth-generation Wi-Fi. All this intersects with support for 4G, forcing to call this unit one of the best phones for access to the Internet. True, some questions raised by the speed of the processor.


  • screen;
  • communication standards;
  • battery.


  • Slow chipset.


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