What she’s up to

Nothing is simple for her. There is a constant monologue going on in her head.

What she's up to

You may have wondered at times what she really thinks of you. And you probably really wish you knew. OK. Let us make it easy for you. Women differ from each other in many ways, but some common characteristics can be distinguished. Things are similar when it comes to approaching relationships and guys.

See how it looks from the point of view of women. What are they really thinking in a variety of relationship-relevant situations. Since some things may be completely incomprehensible to you, just in case, we explain in more detail why this is so.

What she was thinking. the evening you met

I think you’re cool. No, well you’re definitely cool. You looked at me, you have a nice smile, nice eyes. It’s just the hair. As we get to know each other better, I’ll take you to the hairdresser. (Check!) The shirt’s a little out of fashion. I wonder who helps you pick out your clothes. Gee, do I really have to be so nice to that idiot your friend came with?

Come on, look at me. Don’t look away. Who’s that girl at the bar? You guys know each other? E, I don’t think you’re cool. I’m bored. Ah, a friend. You’re even witty, you make me laugh. That’s great! Are we gonna have to invite those friends of yours to our wedding?

What was she thinking when she was waiting for you to pick her up and take her on a first date?

Why aren’t you here yet? I look great. I wonder if you’ll notice. How about I change into this red dress? Oh, no, it’s too revealing for a first date, you’ll think I care too much. Five minutes late. Of course, I’m hopeless, if you cared, you’d be here by now.

You’re finally, ah, it’s the clock hurrying. I wonder where we’ll go? Maybe I’d better take my panties off because they’re showing under my dress. I like your jacket. You smell nice. I can see you’ve made an effort. That’s the way I like it, smart, but not like a doorman on Corpus Christi.

What was she thinking on the first date?

I know I talk a little too much. After all, what do you care about my parents’ dog? But come on, talk to me. I’m gonna count to five, and then I’m gonna think you’re boring. Ten. What do I hear? “Do you like your job?” Okay, not very original, but I’m still glad you finally made the effort before I got to 100.

Nice place. I haven’t been here yet. You have good taste. I wonder if we’ll run into any friends – mine or yours? You helped me take off my jacket and carried it to the locker room. OK. You’re well behaved. You didn’t move my chair so I could sit down. Minus. Oh no, don’t order vodka or beer, it’s so common. Wine will be OK. But good. I have to say something bewitchingly coquettish to see how you react. You reply that I look so beautiful that you feel embarrassed. Awesome.

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What was she thinking. during your first kiss

I won’t make the first move, no way. Do you really not know why I’m looking at you like that? Kiss me. Why are you sitting there and not saying anything? Did I say something wrong? Did you think it wouldn’t work because I’m too fat? Or do you want to tell me that your previous girlfriend came back to you?

You lean over and embrace me. What happens if you have bad breath? Is that tic-tac of mine still working? It’s all good. Not too fast, gentle, that’s how I like it. Brush back my hair and kiss my neck. Oh, yeah. Give me a hug. But don’t overdo it. I want to know you want me, but wait a minute. What kind of underwear am I wearing? No, no way! No sex tonight. I forgot to shave my legs! That’s a good thing, too. I don’t want you to think I’m easy.

What was she thinking the first time you two met?

I’m a little scared. You know, with my previous boyfriend everything was clear, and I don’t know you yet. I don’t know what you like. What if it’s a failure? God, did I remember everything? Perfume, waxing, underwear, toenails. OK. I hope you have nice underwear. And neat feet. And you’re well-groomed in general.

But that bedding must have been bought by your mom. Well, we’ll work on it. I wonder how many girls you’ve slept with. I just hope I don’t find any trace of them, or it’ll ruin everything. Did you realize I was faking it? No, it was fun, but I just can’t concentrate.

What was she thinking when you asked her to marry you?

I love you, I adore you, you’re the man of my life. I wonder what the girls will say. I have to call them right now. We won’t get married until September because I have to get a tan and everything. I’m happy.

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