What to do with an old unwanted phone: options and what not to do

Some of the holders of obsolete devices simply throw the unwanted gadget into the trash, which in any case should not be done with old phones that do not work. If the device is still working, the owners resell the device on the secondary market or give it to young children, so that they will always be in touch. Before you get rid of your old phone, it is advisable to refer to the rules for disposing of such gadgets.

What happens if you throw your phone in the regular trash

Most people have no idea what is contained inside modern and old mobile devices. Usually, the design of any communication gadget includes materials that are harmful to the environment: glass, various polymers, plastics and rare-earth metals. As long as a person uses an old device, it is not harmful to the environment.


But once discarded, the obsolete ringtone leads to problems in the environment:

  1. The rare-earth metals in such a case don’t go back into production, so the manufacturing company has to mine new resources to make the gadgets. This, in turn, further pollutes the environment.
  2. Breaking glass creates trash. It is harmful to animals and humans. In addition, glass decays in the natural environment for up to 1,000 years.
  3. Plastic materials, which are used to make old phones, take tens or hundreds of years to decompose.
  4. Polymeric materials contaminate the soil when they penetrate through layers of trash. Contaminated soil prevents many trees from growing, thus reducing the amount of oxygen available.

The environmental hazards of throwing away electronic devices are just a short list of environmental problems.


Where to recycle your old smartphone

The first thing people who want to get rid of an outdated device think about is selling the device. For example, on such trading sites as Yula and Avito, ads are constantly posted on the sale of old ringers.

If you do not want to bother with the sale of an unnecessary apparatus, you can give the phone to an elderly relative or child. In the latter case, it is not recommended to give children digital devices to avoid dependence on gadgets. Therefore, the push-button device will be to the point: the child will always be in touch with their parents. Also, an unnecessary phone in working condition can be handed over to a charity organization.


Selling your phone on the second-hand market

Old phones probably do not fall under the device recycling program. However, there are other ways to offset a new smartphone by selling an outdated handset:

  1. Free listing services. The first thing to start disposing of your unwanted machine is to advertise the device for a nominal price on the trading platforms Avito and Yulu. This is the best option for those who are constantly busy.
  2. Sale on social networks. On social networks, you can submit an ad with the sale of an old ringer in your personal profile. It is better to ask friends to share the ad in their accounts.
  3. Commission stores and pawn shops. Pawn shops are more than willing to accept old equipment, including phones. If the device is in working order and there is minimal damage, it will be accepted at the pawn store or pawnshop.


Surrender to the junkyard for parts

Radio flea markets and points to repair gadgets accept obsolete models of phones, even if they are not in working order. The fact that these devices contain important radio components, which will be needed to repair another gadget. Of course, you won’t pay much for such a device, but it’s better than nothing, or simply throwing it in the trash.

In the past, many communication devices were made with a removable battery. Today, most manufacturers have abandoned such a design in order to save the environment. The battery in a cell phone is an extremely toxic element for the environment. Therefore, it is forbidden to throw away this part of the phone in common bins.


The hazardous element is disposed of at special collection points for car batteries. Such services are located in every city. In addition, anyone who brings a battery from an old gadget for recycling, will also be paid.

Old phones in any case can not be thrown out just on the garbage, because inside the body of the device contains a lot of toxic radio components. The working device is better to surrender or sell for money on the secondary market for further sale. Non-working devices are taken for parts to the nearest gadget repair shop.

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