What will Splinter Cell be like on PS2?

What will Splinter Cell be like on PS2?

The visuals have suffered minimally in the conversion – but so little that it will be unnoticeable to the average gamer. More experienced gamers will notice the lack of full scene anti-aliasing and a drop in framerate. Despite these few shortcomings, PlayStation’s “Splinter Cell” is top-notch in the key audio-visual and playability categories. Analyzing the screenshots of the test version released earlier by the publisher, I feared a less than aesthetically pleasing and sterile experience – but what did I get? Going to the test of the playable “DEMO” version I was surprised by much better graphic design than I expected!

The power of the fictional world!

The sceneries pulsate with their own life – there’s no question of synthetic and sterile execution of the environment! The mission in the Chinese district shows the potential of UBI SOFT’s programmers and the good source code of the graphics “engine”: a delicate mist (not limiting our visibility) is torn by gusts of wind, scattered newspapers glide inertly in the air, dark streets are lit by the neon signs of nearby shops, and vapors rise from the manholes of underground sewage systems. it’s wonderful!

Hero unharmed.

Fisher himself also lived up to my expectations in terms of plasticity and animation of movements and behaviors. The main character is equally well-designed in terms of detail and interactivity with the environment.

Dynamic shadows created by the character’s silhouette and scenery objects look just as effective as on Microsoft’s competing platform.

Above average quality.

Textures used to cover 3D objects deserve special praise – they are of excellent quality, thanks to which the “pixelization” effect (unfortunately often encountered in (unfortunately) often seen in PlayStation productions – is absent here! A piece of good professional developer’s work. What’s interesting, the programmers have even managed to create a glow effect from heavily exposed objects, so characteristic of the Xbox! A true masterpiece.

PlayStation2 can still compete with Xbox – the quality of games!

Thanks to this demanding production of UBI SOFT, I’ve come to believe anew that it’s possible to produce extremely sophisticated games for Sony PlayStation2, with wonderful visuals and sound while maintaining the highest quality standards. You just have to want it badly enough!

The good news.

Gamers faithful to the console of the manufacturer Sony will not lose anything – they will receive an equally exciting dose of adventures of special agent Sam Fisher, while maintaining such important elements that characterize the game on the hardware platform of Microsoft!

The review is still valid – even more so for the PlayStation conversion

If you want to recall these elements, we invite you to the full review of the game entitled ?Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell”, which you can find by clicking here.

MartineZ: My thanks to Play It for the opportunity to test the Splinter Cell game for PlayStation2!

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