When to turn off Wi-Fi immediately: 3 main reasons and how to do it

There are certain situations when the user needs to immediately disable the router with Wi-Fi. Many owners of this equipment think that you should turn off the Wi-Fi only at night, so as not to waste electricity. However, this is not the only reason. Many users are not only interested in saving money, but also in the security of their confidential information.

Causes of WI-Fi disconnection

Among the reasons for disconnecting the router from the power supply are noted protection from intruders, optimizing the mode of operation and rest of the equipment and saving money. Most often, the owner disconnects the device only at night.


Saving money

Most people are used to using resources sparingly. Some citizens are sure: if they unplug their router at night, they will save about one thousand rubles on their electricity bill. Unfortunately, this is conflicting information. When the Wi-Fi is on, it consumes about 5 watts per hour of time.

The price of one consumed KW per hour is a maximum of 4 rubles. By calculation, you can find out that you can save a maximum of 60 rubles per year by turning off Wi-Fi. Therefore, it makes no sense to disconnect the device from the network at night.

Optimizing the mode of work and rest

Many people believe that in order for the router to serve for many years, it needs time to “rest”. Indeed, if the equipment is kept on all the time, the microchips under constant load heat up. This leads to a breakdown of the elements on the chip.


Also, quite a lot of dust seeps into the ventilation grilles of the case, which doubly stresses the device. In this case, it makes sense to give the router a break at night. This increases its service life.

In addition to the reason described above, there is another reason for turning off the Wi-Fi router: a person also needs to optimize their work and rest mode. Wi-Fi can interfere and constantly distract from the necessary things.

Protection from intruders

The device cannot be kept on all the time. If the user hasn’t changed the default SSID setting and password after installing the wireless router, there is an increased chance that a completely unauthorized person can easily get into the network.

You can improve the security of using the Wi-Fi router by disconnecting it from the network. The same situation happens with routers in a public place. Often the network is not even password protected. Therefore, it is highly undesirable to use such a method of access to the Internet.


How to disable

The easiest way to disable the ability to receive Wi-Fi on personal computers, laptops and phones. You can also turn off the network in the settings of the router itself.

On your phone

To disable the router on a smartphone, follow the instructions:

  • Go to “Phone Settings”.
  • A menu opens in which the user selects “Wi-Fi” and goes there.
  • There, the smartphone owner clicks on “Wi-Fi” with a check mark and turns off the network.


On a PC or laptop

To turn off the wireless network action on a PC and laptop, you need to use the Control Panel:

  1. Going to the Control Panel, the user types “Wireless Network Management” in the Explorer search and left-clicks on the item found.
  2. In the section, the PC owner disables the network.

Laptops usually have a physical Wi-Fi switch. Most often it is located on the front or side panel. If you move it to the off position, the Wi-Fi antenna will be physically disconnected.


On the router

On some routers, developers have put a button on the device itself to disable Wi-Fi. If this button is missing, the user disables the network as follows:

  1. First open the administration console of the device.
  2. Then go to “Advanced Settings”, then “Wireless” and at the end “Basic”.
  3. In the final item turn off the toggle switch “Enable Wireless”.

It is not logical to turn off the Wi-Fi in order to save money. It is recommended to turn off the device if the user wants to keep the equipment as long as possible. For security purposes, it is better to change the default password on the router.


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