Where does Telegram save files on your computer: where to look on smartphones and PCs

Telegram is a messenger that allows users to exchange not only short messages, but also multimedia data. People from all over the world send each other photos and videos, but not everyone understands where the Telegram application saves files on the computer and smartphone. Because of this, there is the problem of quickly filling up memory, as well as the difficulty in locating multimedia for further viewing.

Where does Telegram store files on the computer

Owners of personal computers can use Telegram through the application of the same name. Some of its features include the automatic saving of files. They can be viewed not only through the program, but also through a special folder in the PC memory.



On Windows

On Windows PCs, files received through Telegram are stored in the Telegram Desktop folder. To find it, you need to take a few simple steps:

  • Open “Computer”.
  • Go to the “C Drive” directory.

C drive

  • Open the “Users” section.


  • Click on the name of your account.


  • Navigate to the “Downloads” folder.


  • Open “Telegram Desktop.”



All photos, videos, audio files, and documents downloaded with the messenger will be displayed in the specified folder. For convenience, you can sort them by format, save date or size using the built-in Windows features.

Tip. To avoid navigating between folders, you can type “Telegram Desktop” in the search bar of the Computer app.

On macOS

If the user has an Apple computer running macOS, discovering the information will be more difficult. The problem is that the save folder on Mac is hidden. Therefore, the owner of the computer must select the directory where the photos, videos, and audio will be displayed.

The operation is performed as follows:

  • Open Telegram.

Telegram macOC

  • Go to the application settings.


  • Select the “Data and disk” item.
  • Click on the “Save path” tab.

Where does Telegram save files on your computer: where to look on smartphones and PCs

  • Specify the desired directory.

Now all the data received through Telegram will be displayed in the selected folder.

You can find it any way you want – from manually moving it to using macOS search.

As a side note. To simplify the search, it is recommended to save them in manual mode. To do this, you need to click on the picture or video, and then select “Save as…”, indicating the directory.

Where are the files from Telegram stored on your smartphone?

The vast majority of people with a Telegram account use the messenger from a smartphone. On a mobile device, it is even easier to find a file. But you should understand that there are differences between iOS and Android.

On Android

After downloading to your Android phone, the multimedia data goes into the appropriate folder, the name of which depends on the type of information:

  • Telegram Audio (music, other audio files);


  • Telegram Video (videos, movies);


  • Telegram Images (photos and pictures);


  • Telegram Documents (PDF files and documents in other formats).


To find the appropriate directory, just open “Explorer” and go to the Telegram folder, where files are already sorted into directories.

On iOS

On iPhones, the situation is similar. The files received through Telegram are sorted into different folders, which differ depending on the type of data. That is, to find a photo, document or video clip, the user will need:

  • Open the file manager.

Go to the Telegram folder.

Telegram files

  • Select the directory that corresponds to the type of file.

The data can then be managed as you see fit. Delete, copy, move and resend to another user is available. In this respect, iOS has no limitations compared to Android.

Where files from the web version of Telegram are stored

Telegram messenger people also use via the web version of the service. That is, without a special application. In this case, the messenger is accessed through a browser, and to exchange messages, it is necessary to visit the official site and get authorized.

When a person downloads a file from another user using the web version of Telegram, it automatically goes to the “Downloads” folder. The directory may also be called “Downloads”.

The directory you are looking for is located at the following path: Computer/Drive C/Users/Name/Downloads. Thus, the browser version of the messenger does not have its own folder. There is a certain difficulty in searching for data, but the account owner has the ability to save any file manually by right-clicking and selecting “Save As”.

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