Where is the Win button on the laptop keyboard and more

Where is the Win button on the keyboard

Hello, dear admirers of my blog “IT Technician”. This article may seem to someone unnecessary and too simple. But many novice PC users wonder where the Win button is on the laptop keyboard. Also, I will tell about other important keys, which also cause a number of questions for beginners.


Often in my publications I tell about methods of solving problems, for which you should run the window “Run” by pressing the combination Win + R . Well with the second key everything is clear. But where is Win?

On almost any keyboard it is in the bottom row on the left, between Alt and Ctrl.

If it is pressed “in its pure form” (without additional keys), it will open the Start menu. You can check it and see for yourself. Where is the Win key?


This button does nothing by itself. It is used only in combination with other keys. For example, to enter a letter in lowercase, press Shift and the corresponding letter button.

Shift is located in the second row from the bottom, just above Ctrl (both right and left). It may have a caption, or it may have an up arrow drawn on it.

I recommend that you remember the important combination “Ctrl – Shift – Esc,” which opens the Task Manager to manage the running processes.

Space .

This is the largest key, which is located in the bottom row in the middle of the main block. Its main purpose is to enter the “space” character. And in games it is used for braking (in racing simulators) or jumping (in 3D shooters). This is where the space button on the keyboard is located:

Backspace .

Allows you to delete characters in text that are in front of the cursor. If you press it in the browser, it will take you back to the previous page you were viewing before.

Where is the backspace button on the keyboard? It is located in the upper (numeric) row, in the very corner. If there is no distinctive inscription, look for the arrow pointing to the left.


If your keyboard has an additional number block, this button is responsible for turning it on / off. This also lights up / goes out the corresponding light indicator Num. This is where the Numpad is located:


Ctrl is similar to Shift, because it is not used independently. Only in conjunction with other buttons. In games can be used to accelerate (racing simulators) or squat / lying down (in shooters).

I recommend that you remember the important combination of “Ctrl – Shift – Esc”, which opens the window task manager to manage the running processes.


Present, most often, on the keyboard of the laptop. It is a function key, which in combination with F1 – F12 performs certain actions: controls sound, screen brightness, wireless communication modules, etc.

It is located under the left shifter, next to the Ctrl key. Often marked with a different color (orange, red, blue).

Fn on the keyboard


In text editors, performs the translation of the cursor on a new line. In most applications it is used to confirm certain actions. For example, if a dialog box is displayed with OK and/or Cancel buttons, then pressing Enter is equivalent to clicking on one of the selected items with the mouse.

Where is the Enter button located? It is located to the right of the letter block. It may have a characteristic inscription. If it does not, there is always an arrow pointing “down and to the left” (line break).

It is also possible to have this option of additional placement on the number block:

Enter key on the numeric keypad


Alt is similar to Shift and Ctrl, because it is not used alone. Only in combination with other buttons.

It is located to the left of the space bar. And to the right of it is its “twin” with a slightly different name – AltGr, but the same action.

To disable any key or combination will help this instruction.

Regards, Victor

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