Where the asphalt ends, the End of the World begins

Although there are three houses at the End of the World, only one person lives there permanently. The old man is reluctant to leave his farm, he never talks to strangers. The hamlet of Gluszyn village has become a tourist attraction of Wielkopolska.

Several dozen meters past the church, at the crossroads, a signpost indicates End of the World. A decent concrete foundation was poured for it, because several times under the cover of night it fell prey to souvenir collectors. After turning left, the last section of about 1.5 km emerges, looking like a runway. The asphalt, smooth as a table, is surrounded only by fields and meadows.

A few houses can be spotted on the horizon among the thinning trees. From now on you have to be careful with the chassis of your car. Ruts and quicksand do not make things easier. The piercing silence perfectly fits the landscape of the End of the World.

In the southern part of Wielkopolska There is no shortage of villages and towns whose names may be perplexing to some, but to others they bring a broad smile. Stolec, Sausages, Eggs, Bigos – For the locals it is just a cluster of several letters, for tourists who want to visit End of the World a reason to stop and snap a picture. And there are more and more of them every year.

Some of the inhabitants of the village of Gluszyn in the municipality of Kraszewice The End of the World is a hamlet near the forest, complain about the noise.

– Most often I see motorcyclists here. Sometimes the whirr of the motorcycles makes your head spin. And when they pass through the village, they have a party at the End of the World because a few years ago a piece of land was developed with a fireplace and a shelter. In fact, a hut, you know – the Hut at the End of the World – says an inhabitant of Gluszyn.

Łukasz Czaja and his girlfriend Patrycja at the End of the World were attracted by curiosity. Both of them have been traveling around the country on a motorcycle for months. Łukasz set off on the trip of a lifetime last June and hasn’t got off his chopper since. He met Patrycja over six months ago in Norway. They fell in love with each other.

At the end of February this year they set off on their journey together. – Many people tell me that I’m doing something crazy. But I don’t think so at all. I just try to fulfill myself. I went abroad to earn money for this trip. Now I enjoy riding a motorcycle,” says Łukasz Czaja.

Lukasz and Patrycja enjoy people’s hospitality but they are no strangers to camping. Lukasz runs a blog where he shares his impressions from the journey. So, whenever he announces that he is going to a certain part of Poland, accommodation offers come pouring in. – At End of the World we dropped in just for a moment, to take a picture, tick off this point on the map. Although I had heard that there are two Ends of the World in Poland.the other one somewhere in Silesia. Now we’re off to Wroclaw,” he adds.

Life at the End of the World

Several dozen years ago this part of Gluszyn was called the corner of the world. While looking through old military maps, one noticed that the hamlet was called The End of the World. And so it was adopted. On End of the World There are three houses, but only one of them is permanently inhabited. The elderly man who is the only one registered at the End of the World, however, shies away from conversation. Locals say he doesn’t even talk to them. The other two houses are typical summer houses. Further on there is only forest.

There is not much going on in Gluszyn itself. Everyone here lives at their own pace, according to the usual pattern. There are not many young people – most of them left to find a job in Kalisz or Wroclaw. Those who stayed behind are busy with the farm, others work in companies producing pallets. There are dozens of such companies in the area.

– We lack hands to work, so we have to reach for workers from the East. They will earn more in our country than in Ukraine or Belarus. By the way, from us it is close to the End of the World. It’s a pity not to take advantage of it – says one of the employees of the local company.

12 December 2012. Several dozen people from all over Poland came to the village to celebrate together. The event was unusual in that it was related to the Mayan prophecy about the end of the worldThe Mayan prophecy about the end of the world, which was to come on that very day. Residents of Gluszyn still reminisce about that day – You can’t imagine what happened at our place then. We experienced a real siege,” says an inhabitant of Gluszyn.

– I had no idea why all those people came here. But when they told me that the end of the world was coming that day, I began to wonder if I would wake up the next morning for sure, although I don’t believe in any fairies. In the morning the rooster crowed and the end of the world did not come. But neither was our signpost. How many times has it been.

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