Which is the best browser for Android in 2022?

The best browser for Android 2022 - which one to choose?

Mobile software market is growing very fast, especially in recent times. Today we will only touch on the main browsers for Android devices. Today we will try to choose the best browser for Android 2022. A huge number of browsers and messengers, although it opens up a wide range of choices, but a more or less inexperienced user is hardly able to understand the intricacies of the app store.

Top Android browsers

An important introduction!

Interesting fact – In the early days of Play Marketa, there was pre-moderation and even testing of finished programs before they were opened for mass use. Time passed, the number of developers exceeded all imaginable and unimaginable limits – at that time it was already clear that sooner or later the service would get out of control, which, in fact, happened subsequently.

At the moment, the catalog of free software in the Market is almost impossible to categorize. A lot of low-quality and monotonous games, poorly optimized file managers working through a stinking deck – in other words, to find a browser is not so easy as it may seem at first. And buying user reviews only adds to the chaos.

Phone virus

By installing a program from an unknown developer you can not only lose personal information but also access to your accounts, email or even be left without money in your account (if you use online banking). Therefore, the selection of any application, as well as a suitable web browser should be approached responsibly.

The popularization of Android tablets and smartphones has led to a huge number of both professional developers and school-age “creators” on the market. This greatly clutters up the catalogs. It is no longer possible to cover such an array with moderation, which is why Play Market staff basically selectively removes only those programs that are completely unusable or malicious.

Basically, this process is initiated by lawsuits or the fact that gadgets have been harmed (SMS bomber or Trojan stealing passwords). According to experts, if you do not take until 2022 in strict limits – just stealing logins and passwords to bank accounts will not do.

How to determine the best browser for Android 2022?

For smartphones and tablets there are now not 1 or even 10 Internet browsers – their number exceeds all reasonable limits. The programs are for every taste and color, as they say – paid and free, and a huge variety of functions and design of the program interface can confuse anyone. In order to understand so many programs we will consider some of the most popular ones.

There will be several decisive factors in the review:

  • Intuitive interface – in particular, all elements of the interface should be at your fingertips and be perceived literally on the machine. Unpretentious styling in calm colors, a minimum of buttons – agree it is hardly worth using a browser in which access to the search box is opened by performing a few individual actions.
  • Performance and optimization. The browser should work correctly on all devices (within reason) and not hang up every time the user behaves in a different way than expected. This kind of thing is revealed by testing, but as we said above – it is not done by anyone (except the developers themselves). Optimization, on the other hand, involves creating the right structure of the application, so that a couple of open tabs does not slow down the entire work of the smartphone.
  • Features. Here everything is simple – the browser must have a minimum of basic functionality (the search bar, for example). An undeniable plus would be additional features such as a bookmark bar.

Fast Search & Browser

Fast Search & Browser is a very interesting solution from the local developers. What it just does not – night mode, incognito, ad blocking, design themes, backgrounds, a lot of settings for the home page, bookmarks. Rating on Google Play speaks for itself:

Samsung Internet Browser

Initially, this mobile software was designed exclusively for owners of Samsung smartphones. But the developers decided to put it on Google Play – and they were right. The program surpassed many reputable competitors in popularity:

Opera (Mini/Touch).

A browser known to users even before Android phones entered the domestic cell phone market. Initially, Opera was developed in 2 versions (for PCs and phones). Both versions were developed by different developers, and the similarities were only in some elements of the interface. It is worth noting that Opera at one time was the first quality web browser for portable devices.

Rich functionality, fast loading of pages, the ability to use tabs and other features allowed to win general acceptance among owners of cell phones. The picture below shows one of the latest version for handhelds. Both versions are completely free for PCs and phones.

Controls are very convenient – Oprah has bookmarks for services such as Gmail (email), video hosting YouTube and other no less useful resources. The main page has a Google search bar, which greatly simplifies the work with the search engine.

This browser is known for its unpretentiousness in operation, which allows you to use it even on first-generation smartphones (with very weak hardware specifications). Loading pages traditionally occurs through a special server that compresses web pages sent by the server. This speeds up the work of the device many times over. It is worth noting that the compressed pages do not allow you to run video. The settings of the application are very simple, the main functionality is designed to provide comfort and ease of Web surfing.

  • Opera Touch;
  • Opera for smartphones and tablets.


Probably the most used browser for Android devices, built into the OS by default. Most gadgets now have a pre-installed version already from production. The user sees the following picture when launching it.

Android Google Chrome

Chrome is resource demanding when working with multiple tabs, which, however, does not slow down the overall performance of the device. After all, it was originally developed for Android OS. Navigation is carried out with sliders, the standard functionality (the same zoom with 2 fingers) – the browser repeats the design of his desktop “brother. Correctly works with the voice search. There is probably nothing more to say about it, as it is used by almost everyone.

Its ease of use and stability makes it ideal for unpretentious users. Usually, it serves as a replacement for your smartphone’s regular web browser. In case your Android device doesn’t have Chrome preinstalled (usually found on little-known phone manufacturers with narrow localization) you can always install it – the phone will anyway work better and faster than with the preinstalled one.


Another popular Internet browser with a long and complicated history. The PC version, Mozilla Firefox, still enjoys enormous popularity. However, recently the growth is slowly coming to naught, in particular due to the discontinuation of support for Flash by popular services. In addition, several recent releases of this web browser have been noticed in the inadequate consumption of resources.

Archaic appearance of the program and the specific features of the user interface (inherent in all Firefox products) is not to everyone’s liking. The browser has a very extensive set of features (the same synchronization with the desktop version). The set of gestures for scrolling, the ability to edit them-all this would make Mozilla one of the most popular browser applications, if not the cumbersome interface that complicates the search and use of certain functions.


This browser for mobile devices, which developed in parallel with Opera (and was created around the same period). It is very often already present on Chinese smartphones. It is also called the “squirrel browser”. The interface is not very user-friendly, which is more than compensated by the optimization and speed.

There is a possibility of synchronization with cloud data storage, change of fonts and many other user settings. At one time it was even advertised on TV channels. Feedback from users about it, as a rule, positive. It ranks in the middle of the rankings.


This is a browser to work in the network Onion. It is a kind of mobile version of the famous Tor Browser.

It is not a normal browser. Orfox is used to surf and work anonymously on the Tor. It can be used to access specialized resources that are inaccessible on the normal network. In some cases (with the right proxy) it allows you to bypass Internet blockers. A large number of specific settings provide increased security when loading web pages.


Orfox is resource demanding, but not to a critical degree. User Panel as well is not remarkable for special design – everything is simple and laconic. All the same, the browser is not intended for everyday use. It is completely free.


Browser for Android tablets, which has spread everywhere a few years ago. As a tool for compressing web data, it uses a mechanism similar to the one used by Opera. Of considerable interest is the user protection technology Protect. Before the Android device owner sees the site, it will be scanned for the presence of viruses, adware and other tinsel that could interfere with normal viewing.

Yandex Browser for Android

It’s safe to say that Yandex works practically ad-free. In the event that pinpoint blocking on a page does not help, the application can even deny access to the entire site. Yandex leads the top browsers for security (after Orfox). The overall interface of the program is similar to the computer version – nice-looking panels and icons do not cut the eye and are perceived on an intuitive level. And then there’s the much-loved ribbon Zen!

Here are a few more options that are worth checking out. I have tried all of the browsers in the list below, but I don’t want to focus on any particular software. It is better for you to try and share your opinion in the comments:

  • Microsoft’s Edge;
  • CM Browser;
  • Puffin;
  • Dolphin;
  • Maxthon;
  • Boat-browser.

To summarize, it is safe to say that all of the above browsers are doing an excellent job. If security is important to you first and foremost, use Yandex or Orfox. The latter, by the way, is not very convenient for constant use, because security in this case is brought literally to perfection – the same autodisabling JavaScript strongly interferes when listening to music online, for example.

If you use a gadget from the average or lower price segment – the best solution would be Opera, because it is undemanding to resources and works even on the weakest smartphones. In the overall rating, all of the reviewed programs are approximately on the same level.

The best browser for Android 2022 we have not defined, and it is not necessary – the main there are aspects in the article, and to determine the most suitable application for yourself.

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