Which of the Honor phones is the best: rating of the top 14 by price and quality, which one to choose

Honor company, owned by Huawei, offers for a relatively affordable price technological smartphones, aimed mainly at the youth audience. The Chinese manufacturer produces mobile gadgets designed for a different budget. Therefore, it is difficult to immediately determine which of the released Honore phones is the best. This list can include at least 10 models.


Honor 30 Pro+

This model, which is considered a flagship smartphone, is not inferior in characteristics to more expensive products from Samsung and Apple. That’s why this device was included in the rating of the best Honor phones. The model stands out for the following characteristics:

  • stylish design (the body is composed of two glass panels with a metal gasket);
  • good build quality;
  • Bright OLED-matrix with support for refresh rates of 90 Hz;
  • the high performance processor of our own design;
  • Universal camera, designed for different conditions of use;
  • reversible and fast charging;
  • wireless charging support;
  • support.

Unlike competitors, the smartphone 30 Pro+ has an infrared port, and the camera is capable of transmitting a picture with the drawing of homogeneous objects.

But this model is lacking:


  • Standard Google services;
  • Protection of the housing from moisture and dust;
  • 3.5 millimeter jack.

Also, the Honor 30 Pro+ provides a slot for unpopular memory cards.


Honor X10

This powerful device stands out for the following features:

  • battery life at high loads is 24 hours;
  • support for fast charging;
  • the processor supports all mobile games;
  • bright IPS-display with a refresh rate of 90 Hz;
  • a slot for expanding internal memory.

But the X10 smartphone is devoid of services from Google. Also the smartphone:

  • supports unpopular memory cards;
  • does not support NFC;
  • is not capable of transmitting high-quality images when shooting at night.

The features of the Honor X10 include the presence of a front camera, which, when launched, slides out from the top of the body.


Honor X10 Max

Another powerful smartphone of the Chinese brand, which should be chosen by fans of mobile games. This model:

  • works under heavy loads up to 10 hours;
  • Supports fast charging;
  • Supports NFC;
  • Complemented by quality stereo speakers;
  • Combined with a camera that provides good color reproduction.

Despite the above, the model X10 Max belongs to the middle-price niche of smartphones, in connection with what is not deprived of a number of drawbacks:

  • support for unpopular memory cards;
  • the body is made of plastic;
  • the camera does not shoot well in low light.

In addition, the device is deprived of a retractable front camera, due to which this model is less popular than the previous one.


Honor View 30 Pro

This model has durable glass on the back and front, and the panels are separated by a metal insert. But it is not these features that allowed the smartphone to be included in the list of the best Huawei products. The Chinese device:

  • Equipped with a camera that transmits a quality picture regardless of the level of light;
  • supports fast and wireless charging;
  • Complemented by a productive processor;
  • has a great autonomy;
  • supports NFC;
  • offered at a relatively low price.

But this smartphone:

  • lacks a 3.5mm jack;
  • no protection against moisture and dust;
  • no slot for additional memory;
  • no stereo speakers.

However, thanks to the productive processor, the View 30 Pro is able to cope with almost any task.


Honor 30

This smartphone borrowed from the flagship a productive processor and an attractive appearance. However, the Honor 30 turned out to be more affordable. At the same time, this model is distinguished by the following features:

  • fast fingerprint scanner;
  • high autonomy;
  • fast charging (up to 100% in less than an hour);
  • loud speaker;
  • a slot for a memory card;
  • support

Among the disadvantages of the Chinese smartphone are:

  • the lack of a 3.5-mm jack;
  • the lack of stereo speakers;
  • low refresh rate of the screen.

But despite the shortcomings, the Honor 30 surpasses its direct competitors in terms of screen and processor characteristics.


Honor Play 4 Pro.

The Play 4 Pro is a cool for its price smartphone with a large IPS display and fast charging. The device stands out from the competition with the following advantages:

  • is suitable for demanding games;
  • Provides high-quality color reproduction in different lighting conditions;
  • no heating at high loads;
  • the camera does not “noise”;
  • support

But, like other Honor products, this model does not support services from Google, as well:

  • lacks a 3.5 millimeter jack;
  • does not support wireless charging;
  • has a screen with a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

This smartphone is suitable for those who want an affordable phone with a quality camera.


Honor Play 4T Pro

This inexpensive smartphone stands out for the following advantages:

  • compact size;
  • the camera supports night shooting modes;
  • The processor supports many mobile games;
  • There is a slot for a memory card;
  • provides for a 3.5-mm jack;
  • long battery life.

But due to its affordable price, the Play 4T Pro is not without its drawbacks:

  • does not support NFC;
  • The screen updates with a frequency of 60 Hz;
  • memory card can be installed in place of a second SIM.

The Play 4T Pro smartphone is not officially shipped to Russia.


Honor 10X Lite.

Performance smartphone with a body made of plastic. The device offers:

  • IPS matrix with good color reproduction;
  • Quality camera, which practically does not “noise”;
  • fast charging and greater autonomy;
  • a separate memory card slot;
  • support

But this product of the Chinese brand:

  • obsolete for a Chinese brand processor;
  • no Google services;
  • the screen is updated with a frequency of 60 Hz.

This model has a good price-performance ratio.


Honor 20 Pro

Smartphone 2019 offers up to 15 hours of uninterrupted work under increased loads. This model is characterized by the following features:

  • 4 cameras, including macro photography;
  • 256 gigabytes of internal memory;
  • fast fingerprint scanner;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • a wide range of colors of the body;
  • productive processor.

However, the mobile gadget:

  • lacks stereo speakers, a memory card slot and a 3.5mm jack;
  • does not support wireless charging;
  • deprived of protection from water and dust.

The disadvantages of the Chinese smartphone include a bad speaker, which when you increase the volume begins to make squeaking noises.


Honor 20

The second model of 2019 with a 6.26-inch IPS matrix. This smartphone has no screen frames. Honor 20 offers:

  • Quality build quality;
  • enhanced performance;
  • a wide range of body shades;
  • fast charging;
  • support.

But the Honor 20:

  • lacks wireless charging and a 3.5mm jack;
  • no memory card slot;
  • no stereo speakers.

The Honor 20 is also reasonably priced, which is due to the plastic body that can’t withstand shock.


Honor 9X

This device stands out:

  • Frameless IPS display with FullHD support;
  • long battery life;
  • NFC support;
  • The presence of a slot for an additional memory card.

The mobile device is combined with three cameras. The front one extends from the top of the screen when launched. The rear camera provides good color reproduction and does not “noise”. But the Honor 9X:

  • Comes with an average-performing processor;
  • is combined with a camera that takes grainy pictures;
  • charges slowly (up to 100% in 2 hours);
  • does not allow the simultaneous use of 2 SIM and memory card.

Honor 9X stands out from the other models because it comes in two modifications: for the Chinese and European markets. The difference between these versions can be seen in the absence of a wide-angle lens in the second and the presence of a more efficient processor in the first. Also the Chinese modification may be devoid of NFC-module.


Honor 30i

The 2020 smartphone consists of a back cover made of tempered glass. But the side edges of the device are made of plastic. The bright AMOLED screen provides good color reproduction. Among the advantages of the Chinese model are the following:

  • attractive appearance;
  • high-performance processor;
  • 128 gigabytes of internal memory;
  • compact size;
  • long battery life without recharging;
  • NFC support;
  • provides for a memory card slot.

Honor 30i stands out with a good combination of price and quality. The camera of this model provides moderate detail, but in low light the pictures are grainy. The smartphone is also characterized by the following disadvantages:

  • the memory card is installed in place of the second SIM;
  • the processor supports average performance games.

Honor 30i – this is an average, both in price and quality of performance smartphone.


Honor View 20

The smartphone, released in 2018, offers:

  • A performance processor comparable in performance to the chip of the flagship model;
  • A wide, frameless screen;
  • fast charging;
  • no overheating under heavy loads;
  • a loud speaker;
  • a slot for a memory card;
  • long work without recharging;
  • support for fast charging.

But Honor View 20 is not without a number of drawbacks:

  • “weak” cameras;
  • There is no protection against dust and moisture;
  • There are no stereo speakers.

The Honor View 20 provides a special mode that increases the performance of the processor when running “heavy” applications. Also among the advantages of the device is the camera, which can animate 3D-objects. For the prevention of overheating are responsible not only heat pipes and other structural elements, but also the software based on artificial intelligence.


Honor 9X Premium

The 9X Premium model combines a glass back, a plastic frame and an IPS matrix that supports FullHD. The device is able to work without recharging for 14 hours at high loads. The smartphone stands out for the following features:

  • attractive appearance;
  • The absence of notches on the screen;
  • universal camera that supports night shooting;
  • memory card slot;
  • 3.5 mm jack;
  • radio support.

The disadvantages of the Honor 9X Premium include the following:

  • No NFC module;
  • slow charging;
  • memory card is installed in place of SIM

Honor 9X Premium also comes in two modifications. The European version of the smartphone is equipped with a less efficient processor, because of which it is impossible to run hardware-hungry games.


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