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IMPORTANT TO KNOW: How to check processor temperature

It’s been a long time since I’ve been monitoring the temperature of my system, since I use a quality cooling system and clean my PC regularly. But many users do not stop asking me the question: what program to measure the temperature of the processor and other important indicators? I have prepared a detailed answer for all those interested, which will be laid out in this review.

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Why do I need it?

I am sure that everyone is aware of the heating of computer components during operation. Particular attention should be paid to the performance of the processor and video card chips. On this depends the duration of operation of these components and the stability of their performance.

Many users think that this information is important only for those who “overclock” (gamers, overclockers). In fact, every user who is careful with his PC should monitor the number of degrees.

Here is an example from real life. An acquaintance of mine bought a used system unit for work purposes. The “hardware” of the computer was weak for gaming or even watching HD videos. During movie playback, the cooler would start humming heavily and after a few minutes, the system would reboot on its own. The overheat protection kicked in, so I immediately installed a utility to view the temperature. It turned out that the processor was heated up to 90 degrees, which turned out to be critical for this configuration.

So I made a decision to replace the thermal paste and to put another cooler for better heat removal. This helped, but if the user had continued to operate the PC without the upgrade, very soon he would have had to shell out money for a new, expensive CPU chip.

This is why you need to measure the temperature. A timely decision can save you from unnecessary costs and headaches. Do you agree with me?

Monitoring Methods

There are many ways to find out the temperature of computer hardware, starting with monitoring in the BIOS to installing third party software.

I suggest familiarizing yourself with a few applicationsI have several applications which are different in functionality but equally good when you want to find out how hot your chips are. I will not single out the best program, leaving the choice to you.

Warning. At the end of the review there will be a download link for all of the following programs.

Temp Taskbar

The original software, which is very easy to use and stands out visually among the analogues. The thing is that in the settings you can set the colors in which the taskbar will be colored when the degrees increase.

The settings allow you to specify a critical and potentially dangerous value, and clicking on the “Colours” button allows you to select three colors (as in the screenshot to the right).

CPU Thermometer.

Is a simplified version of the comprehensive Open Hardware Monitor application, which is quite sufficient for monitoring a laptop or desktop PC. This is what the interface looks like:

CPU Thermometer analysis screen

Nothing superfluous, just the most necessary information.

Real Temp

This software is highly specialized and is able to work correctly only with Intel processor versions. But it will not scan for AMD.

Real Temp app for processor temperature

Displays data for each core and as a whole.

Core Temp

This handy solution can be complemented by widget. You no longer need to constantly open the main window to check the temperature. Just add the gadget to your desktop.

Informative Core Temp widget

The use of special sensors allows you to determine very accurately the dynamics of the increase / decrease in degrees. In addition, you can view the level of utilization of RAM. If you do not need to use full-fledged monitoring complexes like Everest / AIDA, this software will be the best fit.

SpeedFan .

A very popular application which can not only constantly monitor the situation but also record all the results in a special log. In other words, you can open it after a while and analyze how the load on the system was changing, how the temperature of your CPU/hard drive/graphic adapter was growing while you ran a game or a program.

Popular SpeedFan utility window

It is possible to adjust the speed of the coolers, and the information is presented in an interesting way. For example, in case of overheating an icon in the form of fire is displayed (as if hinting that it is time to extinguish the fire).

The interface is not in Russian, but that shouldn’t create any difficulties, because everything is intuitive.


Decent software that will be appreciated by fans of different charts and graphs. It can calculate voltages (if that’s important to you) and manage some power consumption parameters.

Hmonitor is a visual system monitoring software

I have been using this “monitor” for a while, but after upgrading to Windows 10 I keep forgetting to install temperature controller. Don’t take my example from me. Right after reading this article install one of my programs if you want to be always aware of your PC’s activity.

Open Hardware Monitor

Displays maximum information, used in service centers, where you need to know not only the temperature, but also the load, voltage, frequency, the number of revolutions of the cooler, etc. The developers declared support for all chipsets, platforms (AMD, Intel). Also provides for monitoring the state of hard drives and graphics adapters. This is made possible through the use of a special scanning algorithm.

In general, the software is very serious. If you want to know everything about your system, download, install and use it.

PC Wizard

Allows you to diagnose the state of your computer’s components, in addition to the main objective stated in this article. You can not only monitor the situation, but also test the hardware, evaluate the performance of drives, RAM, and other components.

PC Wizard Analogue to Everest

To me personally this program reminds me a lot of Everest. Don’t you think so?

Another noteworthy thing that I like is the compact widget that appears after minimizing the main window. Quite a handy feature.

CPU Zet.

Of course, I can’t leave out the CPU Z utility, which many experts say is the best option for CPU temperature monitoring.

Best Processor Monitoring Software for CPU Z

I can’t say that the software shows what analogues can’t display. But the information is provided in a compact and clear form, without any frills. In different tabs you can see data about the processor, memory, cache, video adapter, motherboard, etc.

I’ve done my job and shared some useful information. All you need to do is to choose. You can download all the described applications online by clicking on link.

I would like to know your opinion about the article, the methods of monitoring discussed. Maybe you have a favorite software? Tell us about its pros (or cons). You can “pour your heart out” in the comments at the bottom of the page. There you can also ask your own questions.

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