Who is Banksy? A surprising lead has emerged.

Who is Banksy? The world has been looking for an answer to this question for several years and so far no one has been able to establish the identity of the world’s most famous street artist. Recently, however, a clue has emerged that may allow to decipher this mystery.

On the first of September, the world was shocked by reports gathered by an investigative journalist, Craig Williams. We learn of some interesting connections that shed new light on the artist known as Banksy.

So who is he? Williams’ hypothesis is that the famous graffiti artist is a musician, founder of the band Massive Attack, Robert Del Naja. To support his theory he has strong evidence, showing that Banksy’s murals strangely enough appeared in places where the British trip-hop group was performing at the same time.

Going further in his musings, Williams suggests that under the pseudonym “Banksy” there might as well be not one, but several people. This is to make it easier to carry out artistic endeavors and to confuse those who wish to deconstruct the entire enterprise.

One of the most serious pieces of evidence linking Massive Attack is a compilation prepared by Williams. It shows that in the last twelve years, as many as six Banksy works have appeared in cities where Massive Attack has toured. It happened shortly before or after the concert.

Robert Del Naja himself was a graffiti artist in the 1980s and admitted in interviews that he was friends with Banksy. Later, as a musician, he had a worldwide career. Just like Banksy, whose iconic and mysterious works of art now sell for hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Banksy became popular in the late 1990s, around the same time that Massive Attack released their first albums, “Blue Lines” and “Mezzanine.”

On May 1, 2010, six murals of the artist appeared in San Francisco. On April 25 and 27, the group Massive Attack performed in this city.

A similar scenario took place in Toronto and the Chinese quarter of Boston. Earlier, in 2006, Massive Attack’s concert coincided with an exhibition of Banksy’s work “Barely Legal”.

The common denominator connecting the artists’ actions is also New Orleans. They both commemorated the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Banksy created fourteen works, while Del Naja co-created the soundtrack for the documentary film “Trouble of Water”, about one of the biggest natural disasters in the history of the USA.

More evidence? Here you go. 2003 – Banksy’s work appears in Melbourne. A month after he hosted Del Naja of Massive Attack. Robert Del Naja himself also appeared in the documentary filmed by Banksy, “Exit Through the Gift Shop”.

There are many more such interrelations and, delving into the subject, the journalist noticed that the professional and artistic activities of both men overlap and complement each other. Both men admit in interviews that they are a mutual inspiration to each other.

Del Naja himself was asked by journalists whether he does not hide his second identity. The musician strongly denied it.

So did Banksy, who admitted: “Mr Del Naja is too old to be me”.

Despite these words, Craig Williams’ revelations have sparked heated discussions, as until now there have been few theories developed in such detail and supported by meticulously prepared facts.

What is the truth? Perhaps we are far from it, perhaps we have just come closer to discovering it. Meanwhile, residents of Krakow are advised to pay more attention than usual to what has recently appeared on walls in their neighbourhood. Massive Attack were one of the stars of August Live Festival.

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