Why coins in TicToc: what are they for, how to get them for free and check your balance

In games and social networks, there are paid services for which the user gives his money. Think about voices in VKontakte, for which you can buy stickers, or TikTok coins, which we will talk about; why they are here and what they were invented for, because there are few paid features on the platform. How do you save electronic savings and what can you spend them on? So many questions, but not many answers yet. Let’s figure it out, shall we?

What are the coins in TickTock for?

When the platform began to gain popularity, the creators thought about introducing currency as an incentive for talented contentmakers. Yes, creators were paid not only for views, but also for fan donations. TicToc is not a streamer site, but bloggers collected a lot of donations on the airwaves.

money in tick tock

Now the “Support the Author” button is gone, but you can still give your favorite blogger a gift for coins. You can buy a sticker or a gift in the form of an animal, human or plant and present it on the air. The money given for the animation won’t get the blogger, but his eyes will be glad. Where will the coins go? To the administration and moderation.

You can check the funds or know the balance in your personal cabinet. There you will see not only the remaining currency, but also the value of coins. Coins, or points, can be purchased both in a set and individually. The more coins you buy at a time – the more profitable the purchase.

How do I get Coins?

You can get Coins by topping up your balance, which means that you’ll get Coins for real money. But remember that nothing will return to the card “Sberbank” or “Tinkoff” will not return (pay it can only through PayPal). The user will have to spend all the coins he bought. So, the crediting of coins goes through a personal account. In the settings of the profile there is a section “Purse”, where you can find out the balance, as well as replenish the account.


Previously, famous bloggers could get coins and then pony up through regular ATMs. This has changed, since TikTok no longer pays bloggers for popularity, this function has been removed. Now the user will only be able to buy coins. Status when receiving coins, by the way, does not matter.

How to buy and spend them?

You can spend currency to promote the author or a video on the network, so the administration will know that the blogger can attract new users to the platform. In addition, if the person who invests in the network, shoots videos, the moderation will prepare him a sweet gift. His videos will also be promoted and get into recommendations. Now the authors who use this way are few, because for the coins, mostly they buy stickers and gifs.


To buy Coins, check out the prices on the page by clicking on “Refill” (70 Coins will cost 75 Russian Rubles, and 7000 Coins will cost 7690 Rubles, judging by the markup, 10000 diamonds will cost 10700 Rubles). After that, click on the offer you are interested in with its price and amount. For the payment to be successful, attach a bank card to your account in TickTock, from which the money will be deducted. If the money has gone to the administration, and the coins appeared in the account, the platform will notify the user.

Cashing out virtual coins

After accumulating a sufficient amount of ticktock coins, the user will be able to withdraw the money. 100 diamonds are valued at half a dollar, so withdrawal will be a long process. In addition, TickTock does not support Russian withdrawal and deposit systems, so cashing out can only be done through PayPal. The minimum amount for withdrawal on this platform is $100. This means that you will have to save up at least 20,000 diamonds.

To withdraw those 100 dollars, go to the “Wallet” section and select “Withdraw”. The system will calculate the possible amounts based on the number of diamonds and will offer to withdraw them. Click on the desired amount and synchronize it with your PayPal account. The request will be processed within 15-20 days.

Coins, or coins, are TicToc’s currency with which authors can promote themselves online and give each other gifts. In addition to these pleasures, coins can provide stable earnings from 7000 thousand rubles. Despite the inconvenience of withdrawal of funds, coins help authors not only to earn, but also to develop.

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