Why Computer Stops Seeing Your Phone Via USB

соединение телефона
connection of the phone and pc

Not infrequently users are faced with the fact that the phone sharply stops responding to the usb connection and connects to other devices via it. The computer also does not see the connection, file transfer is interrupted and becomes impossible. Only charging occurs, indicating that the cable is faulty and there is an error in the data transfer. In this article we’ll try to understand the reasons why the phone doesn’t see the computer through the cable, as well as trying to figure out how to make the port work.

Visible devices immediately appear on the computer screen as soon as you connect your smartphone or tablet to the port, but if information about the mobile does not appear, you need to be alert and find out the main factors that affect the workability and visibility.

The case when the computer does not see a third-party device and does not read information into PC memory is quite common, so you should work on the settings, identify any problems and come up with a solution to the situation. We hope that the information in our article will be useful, and you will be able to competently connect your smartphone to a personal computer or laptop. Why turn to experts when many issues can be solved manually.

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Why phone doesn’t see your PC via USB

Why phone doesn't see your computer through USB

Before you start solving the problem on your Android, you need to understand the cause.

Usually, one or more of the factors listed below can be the cause of the problem:

  • Not the original cable. Sometimes original cables have a tendency to break and get lost, and new purchases come to the rescue of owners. Unfortunately, non-original cables are not of the highest quality, which makes contact with another android device impossible, or you still do it, but the devices see each other with a delay. 
  • The function of the cables. Not all cables, even the original ones, are equipped with a data transfer function. Manufacturers do not provide contacts, and to the naked eye it is not as easy as it seems. The solution to the problem lies in buying a cable that will guarantee fast and high-quality data transfer. Experienced specialists recommend not to save money and buy original cables and USB from official websites.
  • Recent repairs. If you notice that the connected smartphone does not appear on the desktop of the computer, but you know about the recent repair, then the reason may be. It’s about the repair work that is done to the boards and connectors. Often the connectors are soldered not quite neatly, and only the charging remains in working order. The only solution here is to redo the work already done, because even with time you are unlikely to return the functionality of the connector, and in some cases only aggravate the situation, and the device will stop working at all. 

Take into account the serviceability of USB hubs and USB ports. Connecting a broken device to a working plug is unlikely to achieve a working condition. Experts recommend checking the functionality in advance, because both devices fail due to such troubles. By the way, sometimes the reasons are elementary and are solved in a couple of clicks.

For example, you haven’t unlocked the phoneAnd when the phone is locked, it won’t give you access to the system and data. Be sure to confirm after connecting that you trust the new device, or reject the screen prompt if you have no guarantee of security and no malicious files in the system.

How to fix

phone connection

So, we’ve listed a few reasons why your phone charges through the cable, but the computer can’t see the connected device:

  • damaged USB cable;
  • damage in the USB ports on the computer;
  • Faults in the sockets where the cable plugs in;
  • Malfunction of the battery.

The solution to this and other problems usually depends on the user’s job. Many of the causes are diagnosed at home and corrected under the same conditions. For example, a damaged USB cable should be inspected. If externally intact, try connecting two other devices through the cable.

If the cable still fails and does not connect the computer to the phone, we recommend that you replace it. The inner workings of cables are not simple and require a lot of effort to fix. Here the very old phrase “It’s easier to buy new than to fix old” applies.

Ports are damaged mechanically, and there are the following options. The first option is to go to a service center, where you will conduct a full diagnosis of the device, identify the problem and offer to fix it. The second option is to try plugging the cable into a different connector. Modern computers have at least two. Check for foreign objects, water, crumbs inside the port. Do the same with your phone jacks.

Some users note that you can remove the battery from the device, then reinsert it and reboot the system. After that, the phone becomes visible again through the cable, and the problem is solved. By the way, from a technical point of view, users do not always take into account that the “Data Transfer” function is disabled on the phone.

Check its activation in the settings, and usually with one click you can solve the problem yourself. We hope that in our article you have found useful tips and can, without overpaying specialists, solve the situation in your favor.

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