Why does the computer shut down during the game and what to do?

Turns off the computer during the game: what to do?

Hello. I am not an avid gamer, but sometimes I like to play NFS. Once I was faced with an unpleasant situation. I was playing quietly and then my PC suddenly “turned off”. Why does my computer shut down during the game? The answer to this popular question, I decided to consider in this article. I am sure that the topic is relevant to many computer users.

Imagine that you have passed some part of the game, forgot to save and the system shut down. Sadly… Alas, thousands of gamers are faced with such a misfortune. Before you panic and take your “system” or laptop to the service, try to fix the problem yourself. And I will try to help you with this.

Why does the computer shuts down when you run the game?

Let’s start with the most simple and banal situations when the spontaneous shutdown occurs.

Ways to solve the problem of disconnection of the PC during the game

A lot of dust.

Do you know what attracts dust when your PC is running?

It accumulates in the radiator, on the cooler. Over time, its amount can increase so much that it will begin to adversely affect the functionality of the cooling system. As a result, the temperature of the CPU chip and GPU will start to exceed the allowable limits. The protection mechanism will work, and the PC will shut down.

blowing the system unit with a vacuum cleaner

If you do not know how to clean it., it is better to contact the professionals. Especially if you have a laptop, which should be dismantled very carefully.

With the system unit, things are simpler. You should remove the side cover and remove dust with a brush (with soft bristles) or vacuum cleaner with a small nozzle. The main thing is to do everything without much effort and pressure on the parts.

Is the blue screen appearing?

Perhaps the computer does not shut down completely, but appears a blue screen with incomprehensible symbols, codes. Information on this topic you will find in one of my previous articles (here it is).

This is how the real screen of death looks like

The essence of the problem is a conflict of drivers (video card, sound adapter, chipset), which leads to trouble during the game. You need to try to remove the defective “drivers”, download the latest versions from the official site (but not the trial “beta”). In general, I will not repeat – in detail this situation is described here ..

Incorrect operation.

I am often asked: “why does the computer shut down when you play games? Here is another one of the reasons.

In a laptop the ventilation holes are located at the bottom, and it is not recommended to cover them. Otherwise, the cold air will not get inside, and the heated air will be carried out outside. It is a bad practice to put a blanket or other cloth under the device. Also, don’t put it on your feet. It’s better to place the laptop on a flat table or a special stand with additional fans.

Cooler Master Stand

You can buy such devices at any computer store.


These pests are not often the cause of the PC shutdown, but it is not worth losing sight of this option. It is important to have anti-virus software running on your computer all the time or to periodically scan the system with DrWeb CureIt (at least once a month). I am talking in detail about fighting Trojans and other malicious scripts in the series of articles at.

Power supply overloading

You should be aware that every PC component consumes some of the resources of the power supply. The biggest stress is on the discrete video adapter. Especially if you play a game with high graphics requirements at maximum settings. At such times, the power supply may not be able to handle the increased power consumption and will shut down.

Computer PSU

When buying a new video card, you should pay attention to its characteristics, so that they match the life of the PSU. Or you may want to replace the power supply with a more powerful one. For the simplest office systems 350 W is enough, for gaming purposes, 500 W may not be enough.

Here is another factor why the computer shuts down by itself.

Processor overheating.

There are several possible causes:

  • The CPU is starting to fail and needs to be replaced;
  • The thermal matrix has dried up;
  • The cooler is not working.

In the first case, you will have to buy a new “CPU”. But first you should check the other options. If it’s been a long time since you’ve Thermo paste change has not been done for a long time.If the thermal paste has not been replaced in a long time, you should do this procedure.

Putting thermal paste evenly on the processor

It is better to trust the experts, because each paste has its own characteristics (thermal conductivity, density) and apply it correctly for beginners is not that easy.

I recommend I recommend to read my articleI recommend to read my article which describes the problem in more details.

I listed the most common causes and ways to fix them. But sometimes this is not enough. You have to solve problems of an individual nature. Even the game itself can fail and “turn off” the system. Try to find answers in the forums, dedicated to the game.

You can also write to me in the comments about your trouble. I will definitely answer and try to help!

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