Why I can’t send SMS from iPhone 4S, 5/5S, 6/6S, 7, SE – solution

Not sending SMS on iPhone - what to do?

Owners of Apple gadgets face problems much less often than owners of Android smartphones, but sometimes there are minor defects. For example, on forums users often ask – why is not sent SMS from iPhone 4S, 5/5S, 6/6S, 7, SE and other models. Today we will consider the main causes, and how to eliminate the negative consequences on the iPhone.

SMS error on your iPhone

The main factors

In most cases, the built-in iMessage utility is used to exchange SMS messages. But it is worth understanding that this software can work correctly only if there is a connection to the Internet. That is, it is a kind of messenger for owners of “apple phones”.

From this follows several obvious reasons for the problem:

  • The default method of texting is to use the Internet;
  • There is no stable connection to the network;
  • Incorrect settings of the device;
  • Software failures in iOS.

Why the iPhone does not send SMS messages we figured out, and now it’s time to move on to the solutions.

How to fix the problem on iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7, SE

Do not pounce on all options at once. Try them one by one, after each step try to send the message again.

  • In the iMessage app, tap on the text that is not being sent (it has a blue background) and tap “Send SMS…” in the menu that appears:

  • If it does not work, then you need to open the settings and go to the section of messages. First of all, deactivate iMessage. If this doesn’t work either, then turn on send as SMS mode for those cases where iMessage can’t perform its functions:

Disabling amessage
  • When you have several Apple devices (tablet, laptop), and they are tied to the iPhone, then there is a possibility that in the settings it is allowed to send SMS from these gadgets. The function is not bad, but sometimes its activity is the cause of the problem. Therefore, open the message settings (as in the previous instructions), go to the forwarding settings and disable all permissions for the connected devices:
Deactivating the forwarding of connected Apple gadgets

Why fails to send SMS from iPhone 4S, 5S, 6S – network problem

First, we try a less radical solution – disable mobile Internet access, so that the sending of messages is done in the standard way through the operator, not the Internet.

Disabling cellular communication

If there are problems with connecting to the Internet or receiving a signal from the mobile operator, it is recommended to reset the network options. The personal data will not be affected, but the saved WiFi passwords will be deleted.

  • Go to the main settings section;
  • Select “Reset” and inside click on the option shown in the screenshot below:
Resetting iPhone network settings
  • The OS will ask you to enter an unlock code known only to you. If you enter it correctly, the smartphone will restart.

Hard Reboot

According to the reviews on the forums, the above options turn out to be useful very rarely. Most likely, the system has experienced a significant failure, due to which various defects appear. Therefore, it is better not to waste time, and immediately perform a hard reboot.

On all models with the Home button, press the Power (power on/off) button and the Home button simultaneously. Keep them pressed until you see the brand-name apple on the screen.

The subsequent booting will take a little longer than usual. But after this procedure all system files will be restored. The performance will be back to the maximum level.

The very last fix is a full reset with all data deleted, returning to the factory state. Check out the instructions here.

Now you know what to do if you do not send SMS from the iPhone (iPhone), how to fix the problem. I hope my short guide was useful!

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