Why videos don’t load in Telegram: causes of playback failures and solutions

Anti-blocking or a weak Internet connection are not the only factors affecting the failure of the application. To find out why videos do not load in Telegram, it is necessary to refer to the settings of the messenger or gadget. In most cases, the user manages to solve the problem on his own. If none of the guides did not bring the expected result, you should contact technical support.

Why video does not play in Telegram

When settings are restricted, photos and videos are displayed with an arrow mark. Notification will be loaded only after you click on it. To receive and view messages in a timely manner, you should allow the app to download files of any size.



If your media files do not open in Telegram, it means that your connection is broken. It is necessary to check the serviceability of Wi-Fi, the settings of the mobile device and router, and resume notification transmission.

The app requires fast local or mobile Internet for uninterrupted operation, because Telegram updates data all the time.


Server problems

When the messenger does not load videos of small size, you need to check the signal strength. In high-rise buildings of megacities, this is a common problem. If a question mark or zero signal level is displayed on the screen, only a call to technical support will help to fix the situation.

The application will inform you that the video and files could not be played if the error comes from the server. As soon as the technical work is completed, the media files will be available for viewing.



Blockages from the RCN

Data is not opened if access to the application is denied. All attempts to log in do not bring the expected result. There is either nothing on the screen or the message “Start Messaging” hangs on the screen. The messenger can be blocked not only because of the Internet provider. The initiator may also be the federal service Roskomnadzor. It is recommended to install several proxy programs that will provide network connections over another network.

The option of a built-in crypto connection is available in any iPhone, Android client. To avoid wasting time looking for free proxies, you should open the settings and check the automatic service selection in the “Connection Type” column.


Application version

The reason why media files do not load on the mobile device and PC: not configured session or updates. For memory and data in the application are responsible for the settings which allow:

  • The user himself to set limits in the internal data storage;
  • change the path for saving downloads, message files by creating a temporary folder with the self-clearing function after the end of the session;
  • set the auto-liquidation option after a specified period of time (on cell phones, it is recommended to enable daily cleaning in order not to clog the RAM).

For devices with less than 2GB RAM it is better to use Telegram Web version.


Ways to solve the problem

To resolve difficulties with sending (watching) video files, follow the prompts.

On phone

Chronology and procedure of problem solution on mobile devices of different manufacturers are slightly different.



Before sending photos and videos, you should make sure that they are displayed correctly in the file manager of your phone.

How to fix the situation when video files are not uploaded on Android:

  • If the notification is marked with a “!” or a clock, you should check the quality of the Internet connection. Diagnostics can be performed using the website https://www.speedtest.net/ru.


  • If the connection quality and download speeds are normal, check if the VPN or proxy server is working properly.


  • The option to update the application is enabled in the settings.


  • Clean the internal data storage (cache). It’s worth setting the memory data limits to the maximum values.


  • By entering the settings of the mobile device, clear the RAM.
  • Open the web browser, clean the browsing history.


  • Resume the attempt to view (send) the video file.


If the performed manipulations do not lead to the desired result, it is necessary to contact the technical support service. Before that try one more option – restart the application.


To ensure that Telegram works smoothly, download managers should be updated regularly. Also in iOS there may be a problem with playing video files if the user uses the Jailbreak operation, which is officially not supported by Apple Corporation.



  • Open a chat room, use a “staple” to bind an album or photo file.


  • When you want to send something to yourself, click on the arrow icon.
  • Confirm your action, wait for the file to upload.


If a profile or channel is blocked by someone else due to overspamming, you may also have problems conducting conversations.

On a computer

On PCs, difficulties sending files are a regular occurrence. The most likely cause is download failures due to differences with the mobile app.

Algorithm of elimination:

  1. Downloading or sending a photo, using the function of fixing the message in Telegram.
  2. You should check the path for saving the file, as it may have been placed in a different folder.
  3. By clicking on the send button, you must wait for the notification to be delivered to the addressee. When the process is completed, the service will notify the sender. The data are saved in the selected folder.


Unlike the mobile version, on the PC Telegram takes almost no memory. It is not necessary to clean the OS, you should check the Internet connection and VPN.

Contacting technical support

If none of the above methods does not help, you need to write to support. You can contact them on the Telegram website by filling out a special “Support” form. Another way is to find the “Ask a question” column in the application settings.


It is recommended that before sending a request to technical support, check whether the profile is not blocked. To do this, you should use the SpamBot (search name).

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