Wifi file transfer from computer to android and to another phone

Передача файлов по wifi с компьютера на андроид
Wifi file transfer from computer to android

File transfer via Android WiFi is possible, and it’s quite easy to do. Every owner of the gadget knows that it is possible to carry out this by using a USB cable when it is connected to a computer. It is also possible to connect the Android device to the local network and copy through it. Let’s find out how to transfer a file from your computer to your phone or from your phone to another smartphone.

Known limitations for file transfer

However, these methods have some limitations. The first does not allow you to exchange files between two Android devices, the second assumes knowledge of some network settings. In this case, you can organize file transfer via WiFi between devices on this platform and between a personal computer and a gadget. Modern technology has done everything possible to make the user’s life even easier, with a minimum of wires. Any modern device with the Android operating system has a built-in WiFi module, which allows you to access the Internet without directly connecting devices.

Smartphone can receive files via wifi hotspot

Installing the necessary software

To transfer files using WiFi you need to install the X-Link software. This does not require any special knowledge, the installation takes a couple of minutes and does not require any extra actions. After installation, the user of the phone or tablet on the Android platform will see a switch, by pressing which he will turn on the visibility mode of the gadget for other devices. It is important to remember that devices with enabled WiFi will be in the visibility zone. Now you just need to select the file, send it to another device that has the X-Link program and WiFi enabled. The partner will accept the document at the touch of a button. File transfers in this way take minimal time and require little or no labor.

Ways to exchange files using WiFi

To exchange content using WiFi between a personal computer and an Android gadget, the procedure is similar. Only for the computer you need the XLinkClient program. After installing the program, you need to enable the visibility of the device, select the desired device from the list of visible devices, by dragging and dropping the document to be transferred to a special window, send it. Pairing a computer and Android gadget is somewhat different from transferring files via WiFi between the two devices, this procedure is also not time consuming and does not require special knowledge. XLinkClient works under any operating system, so you don’t have to worry about how to set up data transfer on Android.

Synchronization problems

Synchronizing your Android phone with another gadget is possible if you have unlocked root rights. If this is done, you can safely install the free program Samba Filesharing. After that, setting up the settings to your liking, you can proceed to the transfer of files. However, remember that if the firewall is enabled, the file transfer will not take place. It is necessary to disable the firewall, which may be part of anti-virus, which blocks this utility as malicious.

Using an FTP server

You can use an FTP server. This application can easily be downloaded from the Internet completely free of charge. In handling it also will not cause difficulties. After launching the server, taking into account the enabled internet will transfer content from gadget to gadget. This is suitable for a laptop, netbook. Content can be sent as a file, a whole folder.

Other programs are known, they may not work under certain operating systems. There are many subtleties in this matter, and the developers of applications for Android as a popular operating system of smartphones and tablets are working on them. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not so much.

There are fewer possibilities for pairing the gadget and PC. This issue is relevant to programmers. In the not-too-distant future it will probably be solved, in the end the victory will be for information technology.

Using the tools of the gadget

In addition to the special free programs described above, you can use WiFi Direct. It should be stipulated that in this case, the transfer of content is possible only between smartphones or tablets, as laptops, televisions Notebooks and netbooks do not have Direct yet.

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It is easy to use WiFi Direct. You need to go to the WiFi settings, use the slider to turn on the adapter, activating the connection. A menu will open on the left where you should select WiFi Direct. The same actions should be performed on the other gadget to which you plan to transfer content. It should be noted that this function is not available on all Android gadgets. Thus, the question of how to enable data transfer on Android is removed. Using programs, system tools will help to avoid the use of flash drives, cloud data storage, network drives. Read also What to do if your computer stops seeing your phone via usb cable.

The instructions for data transfer are very simple

Thus, transferring content using WiFi is simple and without unnecessary manipulation. This question is relevant in the light of the fact that today the market is simply filled with devices on this platform. They can be seen on the streets of cities and towns in the hands of children and adults. Competent use of the means of communication is the key to the harmonious development of society.

An important point is that applications for working with gadgets are mostly distributed on a free basis, which plays an important role in the development of a culture of society in the use of data transmission.

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