Will they destroy housing estate networks?

Small companies providing telecommunication services (Internet, telephony) feel threatened. This is because the new Telecommunications Law includes Article 55, which requires such companies to keep full accounting.

Will they destroy housing estate networks?

This requires employing or hiring a qualified accountant, and that costs at least 1,200 zloty a month. For large companies this is not much, for small, often family-owned or one-man businesses – a killer amount. Small businesses intend to protest against this regulation, especially since lawmakers “traditionally” blame everything on the European Union. Meanwhile, Article 55 of the Telecommunications Law was created on the basis of Article 13 of the EU Directive, but. in this directive we can read: “Member States may choose not to apply the requirements (. ) to companies with an annual turnover of less than EUR 50 million from activities associated with electronic communications networks and services in the member state. The exemption provision did not appear in the Polish version of the law, however. This means that – contrary to myths – as in the case of VAT on networks, it was not only “the need to comply with EU regulations” that was at fault here.

The full accounting obligation will increase costs and eventually bankrupt small Internet providers counterbalancing the dominance of TP SA’s monopoly. It may also lead to small firms moving to the grey market.

In addition to the costs of keeping full accounts, the obligation to have them audited annually by a certified auditor is imposed. As a result, the cost of keeping such accounts may amount to PLN 20 thousand a year. This will result in the need to close down many local companies that provided Internet in areas where nationwide operators are not interested in providing their services. Such areas include villages and suburban areas.

The new Telecommunications Act contradicts the “National Strategy for Broadband Internet Access Development 2004-2006”. What’s worse, it strikes those operators, who by their actions forced price reductions and thanks to whom the price of fixed Internet access oscillates around 50 PLN.

The law on accounting sets the turnover limit at 800,000 euros, which, if exceeded, requires the company to keep full accounts. Small telecommunication companies can usually only dream about such a turnover. Small telecommunication companies usually can only dream about such a turnover. A parsley company with a turnover of €750,000 will have to compete with a neighbourhood internet service provider with 20 times less turnover.

Small telecommunications companies are usually set up by young people who, instead of expanding the circle of unemployed, try to take their own initiative. Is it possible that – for some unknown reason – they will expand the group of unemployed, additionally forcing their customers to use the services of a monopolist.

For the time being, it is unclear whether the provision of Article 55 was created by oversight or is a deliberate effort. This is not the first time that the EU directive has been changed to justify the “Union” as in the case of the “need to provide proof of identity when creating an e-mail account.

Small providers (and there are about 4,000 of them in Poland at the moment) are organizing a protest on this issue

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