Winter time change in 2021. When do we change time in October and adjust our watches?

On the last Sunday of October we will be changing from daylight saving time to winter time. Exactly in the night from 30 to 31 October we will move the hands of the clock from 3:00 to 2:00, which means that we will sleep one hour longer. Why are we still changing the time and when will new regulations be introduced in this regard?

Time changes are one of the most perplexing situations not only for our daily lives, but also for the economy and the country. It seems that moving the hands of the clock one hour forward or backward is just a minor change. Unfortunately, it implies a number of difficulties that people who work or travel have to face.

When time change from summer to winter time we will sleep one hour longer. Rail travelers on this night will have quite an attraction. In order not to disorganize PKP schedules, all trains will be stopped for a forced stop.

Those working on the night from 30 to 31 October will spend one hour longer at their place of work. Fortunately, they are entitled to extra pay for this or to claim the overtime on another day.

When will we stop changing from daylight saving time to winter time?

For several years the European Union has been discussing the abolition of the time change. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, member states seemed to have come to a consensus. In March 2021, we were supposed to change time for the last time.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, all activities have been suspended and at this point it is unknown when they will return. For sure, we will still change the time in October and March at least until the end of next year.

Changing the time 2021 from summer to winter. Poles do not want to do it

In a nationwide survey as many as 95% of Poles have come out strongly in favour of ending the time change. Unfortunately, not all EU countries agree on this issue. Moreover, the key question is which time zone to stay in?

Poles would most like to stay with summer time, when the sunset is later and we can then enjoy the long evenings in the summer, and in winter we had more daylight after work.

Winter time vs. summer time. What time zone are we in?

It is worth noting that daylight saving time is not geographically corresponding to our time zone. Central European Timetime zone in which we find ourselves, is actually winter time. In the summer, we somehow “move” to the Eastern European Time zone..

While for Poland it may be of crucial importance, but for France or Spain located further west remaining in the daylight saving time can completely disrupt the day.

An interesting example of a country with a huge area, where there is one time zone is China. While in Beijing noon is the sun at 12 o’clock, in Kashgar on the border with Tajikistan it is only around 14:30. This affects for example extremely irregular sunrise and sunset times of sunrise and sunset in winter and summer.

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