Work and nothing else

You are a young, interesting and intelligent man. You are climbing the career ladder and it brings you a lot of satisfaction. You have almost no free time at all, but so far you’re doing well with it.

Work and nothing else

You get up early in the morning, you don’t even make yourself breakfast because you waste time or you just don’t want to; after all, you can buy something on the way or order it at work.

You eat lunches between meetings, and when you get home late in the evening, you order pizza or anything else, as long as it’s ready and warm. Then you have some time for newspapers and TV, but not very long, because you still have to get ready for the next day at work. And then you lie in bed, alone.

Sometimes you go out with your work mates for a game at the pub or bowling. To stay in shape, you go to the gym or play basketball. Only that your old friends, with whom you used to get along so well, call less often now, because you’ve been saying for a long time that you have a lot of work and “it will be hard for you to find even a moment of free time”.

But you’re happy that you’re so self-sufficient, that you can afford to rent or even buy an apartment, dress in designer clothes, have a nice car, a home theater, etc. You’re happy that you’re in contact with so many interesting people through your job, but it’s only professional contacts. And you don’t notice that time flies so fast and you might be missing something along the way.

All your friends already have their women. You say you tried. But always something didn’t work out. Probably there were various reasons for that, although it is very possible that they just couldn’t stand such a workaholic. Despite the fact that you are such an attractive guy, they preferred to look for someone who was willing and able to spend more time with them than those few hours on Saturday or Sunday. And you actually have enough “one night stand” sex with girls who usually don’t resist you.

But at some point you have to say, “stop.” Time doesn’t stand still. Pretty soon, when you look at yourself in the mirror, you’ll notice your first wrinkles and gray hairs.

Slow down, after all, the world is not just work. Take a rest, your body has its limits too, and if you want to live a long time, you can’t push it so hard. Reflect on your life so far, think about the future. Do you really want to stay alone? After all, it’s not only about a woman who would give you happiness and support or maybe children, but also about friends whom you have let down and forgotten about. Maybe they need your help, if only for a conversation, which may turn out to be something extraordinary for you as well.

Take a well-deserved vacation and try to put your world back together. No one is urging you to neglect work, but try to find a balance, to see other things in the world.

If you want to change something but you can’t handle it on your own, seek advice from a professional. And if you just don’t want to, no one can force you. Just hope that in a few years you don’t wake up and say: “and what have I done with my life”.

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