World’s richest man plans space mission to “lunar Antarctica”

Jeff Bezos, the head of Amazon and Blue Origin announced that his company has worked closely with NASA and ESA to jointly build the first colony on the Silver Globe. We’ll know the entire plan to conquer the moon in 2 weeks.

The billionaire plans to be the first to start building bases on the object. The company’s official Twitter profile featured one of the famous photos from Shackleton’s failed expedition to Antarctica with the caption 5.9.19. This is a reference to Shackleton’s crater, located near the Moon’s south pole. It is where future unmanned and manned missions are expected to land. A date for the company’s conference has also emerged. We will know more details about it at that time.

Shackleton Crater is one of the best places to colonize the object. It contains areas that are plunged in shadow and hide large deposits of water ice. You might say it’s a kind of “lunar Antarctica.” Ice is a key element for the normal functioning of future colonies. Thanks to it, astronauts will have free access to water, oxygen and fuel.

The first planned launch of the New Glenn rocket is scheduled for 2020. The BE-4 engine to power it (several engines) is practically ready. The company has not revealed more data about the rocket so far, but it is known that it can carry 32 to 55 tons of cargo into low Earth orbit. Specialists believe that to the Moon it can already be approx. 15 tons.

Interestingly, the company is in the process of building a large lander called New Lindbergh (formerly Blue Moon). It will be able to fly to the Moon thanks to several types of rockets. Compatibility with Space Launch System, Vulcan, Atlas, and of course the native New Glenn is mentioned. That’s why the billionaire’s project is of great interest to NASA.

The lander is expected to be able to deliver several tons of cargo to the lunar surface, including life support systems, supplies and base elements. Blue Origin wants to launch its first mission in 2023. It is safe to say that currently the world’s richest man will most likely be the first to send a large mission to our planet’s natural satellite in the 21st century. Although SpaceX and the Chinese have similar plans, everything indicates that they will do it much later.

Not without significance here is the fact that Donald Trump is pushing NASA to make a manned mission to the Moon still during his future presidency, that is, by 2024. The agency will support domestic companies, and among them just Blue Origin, which is particularly focused on the natural satellite of our planet, much more than SpaceX and other companies. This is because the New Lindbergh lander is to be powered by liquid oxygen and hydrogen, materials that will be available in the crater.

Bezos recently stated that humanity must hurry up and get into space as soon as possible to save the Earth. He is referring to threats that arise not only directly on our planet, such as global warming and cataclysms, but especially those that could come from deep space. We are talking here about cosmic rocks, which may derail the future of our civilization.

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