xHelper – new virus on Android smartphones – how to remove it

Trojan is an unusual virus that gets on your mobile device only with the user’s permission (remember the ancient Greek story about the Trojan horse?). But this does not mean that you will see a notification on the screen asking for access. Everything happens disguised, as stealthily as possible.

There are a lot of threats of this kind for Android smartphones, but only some of them pose a real threat. At the end of October 2022, information appeared about a new Trojan – xHelper. What is it dangerous, is it possible to protect yourself and remove it – we will tell you in this article.

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How does it get on your phone?

Experts from Symantec have estimated that over the past three months this virus has infected more than 10,000 Android gadgets. So far it cannot be called a large-scale cyber epidemic. However, users in the U.S., China, India, and Russia have become victims.

The main source of infection is hacked versions of applications/games that are installed from unofficial resources via APK files. For example, you do not want to buy paid software from Google Play and start searching for the same software on “left” sites. And during installation you are asked for access to notifications, contacts, SMS, etc. (depending on the program).

As a result, xHelper can easily penetrate to the device, integrate into the system, after which the intrusive advertising will be displayed. And in some cases, smartphone owners complained about unauthorized installation of third-party applications.

Experts have analyzed the activity of the Trojan and came to the following conclusions:

  • so far, the virus does not behave too aggressively, does not collect user data, does not send it to attackers;
  • infected devices are discharging their batteries faster due to the intensive consumption of traffic required to download advertising content from the Internet;
  • Banners can appear not only in the notification area, but even in the Android settings menu and system applications.
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How to remove xHelper?

There is currently no way to get rid of the Trojan, as hackers have managed to create an almost perfect self-protection mechanism. Even if you try to perform a Hard Reset (hard reset), it will not give a positive result.

Experts cannot figure out how they managed to achieve such an effect – the script gets embedded in the memory and becomes part of the system. But this does not happen in 100% of cases. Some mobile device owners claim to have managed to eliminate the threat with the help of free antivirus. Others have downloaded paid protection utilities, but the scan did not detect any traces. That is, we need to try and test different solutions.

Alternatively, just use a firewall application, a firewall to block programs that use a network connection. A good option is GlassWire. Or Internet App Blocker. You will be able to see all the attempts to connect to the Internet and decide if you want to allow access or not. That is, xHelper will remain in the system, but its capabilities will be severely limited.

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