You praise what you don’t know

Could Poland become the new Silicon Valley in the future? A lot points to it. Young Polish IT specialists have been winning laurels in international competitions for years. Their successes have already been appreciated by the world – they can choose from a wide range of job and scholarship offers.

You praise what you don't know

This year, the Polish IT team has another chance for spectacular success, as the 17th International IT Olympiad, an extremely prestigious competition, will be held in our backyard – in Nowy Sacz. From August 18th for a week several hundred students from over 80 countries will work on over 500 computers, and the whole city will turn for a few days into a real world center of computer science.

We keep our fingers crossed

The favorite of this year’s International Olympiad in Informatics is Filip Wolski – winner of two gold medals at previous international contests. Three-time winner of the National Olympiad and multiple laureate of other prestigious computer science contests (e.g. Algorithm Conquerors, Great Przesmycka, Valladolid Programming Contest Site, Saratov State University, Online Contester, Internet Problem Solving Contest and many others) still considers his level of computer science knowledge insufficient. He is constantly improving his skills and, as he says, has not yet said his last word when it comes to scientific achievements.

Our team also has many achievements to its credit, thanks to which Poland is hosting this year’s competition. In January this year, the team of the University of Wroclaw won the silver medal in the academic world championships in programming in Shanghai. The International Collegiate Programming Contest of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is the oldest and most prestigious competition in this field. This year, more than 4,000 teams of three people fought to enter the finals. Out of 1600 universities from 71 countries, 78 universities qualified for the competition, including two from Poland – the University of Wroclaw and Warsaw. This time the students from Warsaw were unlucky, just a hair away from the podium. This did not satisfy the ambitions of the winners from three years ago, who have been present in the finals of this “battle of the minds” for 11 years.

Classification leaders

Warsaw students, however, have no equals in another cult competition – in the struggle of programmers Top Coder. For many years the unquestioned leader of the competition was Tomasz Czajka, who won it three times in a row. In the current elimination round, which takes place continuously on the Internet, Tomek Czajka is still in the lead. The only ones threatening his leadership position are his younger colleagues from UW.

In the national ranking we are in second place behind the USA, ahead of such powers as Germany, Canada, Russia or China. Warsaw University is on the third place in the world in terms of educating coders. Universities from India, which are widely regarded as leaders in this respect, ranked below 60th!

Since 1987, an annual programming competition has been organized under the auspices of UNESCO. Each country can field a team of six people (two mentors and 4 players). The competition itself consists of two five-hour contest sessions, during which the contestants have to solve 3 algorithmic-programming tasks each.

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