Zbigniew Wodecki: I got beaten, but it wasn’t so bad

Zbigniew Wodecki is another artist who let Filip Nowobilski convince him to drive his Fiat 126p through the streets of Cracow. We invite you to read the best lines from the video and watch the film in its entirety!

About upbringing

About messing around

As kids, we played in the old hangars on the site of today’s Air Force Museum. We locked a friend from another gang in a two-by-two meter dugout. Like fools we closed the entrance with a board and threw a smoke candle in there. A normal, military smoke candle. Do you know what kind of smoke that is? I think it would be regularly broadcast on the news today, that it’s a bunch of degenerate youths. The guys survived because someone notified their parents. They flew over in time to free them from that smoke.

About earnings in dancing with the stars

The lyrics about earnings are exaggerated. It’s like at painters’ exhibitions. There is a price of 300 thousand for the painting, I will sell it to you for 20, but please do not tell anyone.

About leaving the stage

I will not sing forever. I’m not afraid, I wonder how I’ll feel. I’m humble about life. I know that everything has its beginning and its end. When someone quickly “climbs” to the top, makes the so-called career, then quickly falls down. And then it hurts more. I have been climbing for quite a long time and I know that I am going to fall down. I hope it will not be painful.

About death

I fired all my colleagues from the industry, friends, children and everybody and said: listen – if there is no television, you can not come. I came to the conclusion that this is the only justice in this world. This cannot be arranged. No money, no position, no success will change the fact that the most important thing in life is health. And colleagues.

About success

If someone becomes successful, he is screwed in life. There is no peace anymore, you have to maintain it. Everyone who has been successful is afraid of not repeating it. A person is bound to it. Already the applause, the newspaper pages, the interviews, whether I’m going to be on TV, whether they’re going to cut me, whether it’s going to record well, whether it’s going to sell. Will there be entries on YouTube, srutub. People start to go crazy. It’s the beginning of the end if someone doesn’t have a distance. You have to learn to know how much you can’t do.

About authority and complexes

You need to have authority. I have such authority that I have complexes. My parents brought me up in such a way that I was closed in myself. I still have stage fright and lack of self-confidence. Stage fright and nerves, yes.

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