ZEW supports Movember: let’s start a conversation about men’s health!

In November, ZEW for men will once again support the annual Movember campaign – an international initiative aimed at changing men’s attitudes towards intimate health, testing and diagnosis of testicular and prostate cancer. Together with the organiser of the Polish campaign – the Captain Lights Foundation – the brand will raise social awareness of men’s health problems and encourage them to take care of themselves and their physical and mental health. ZEW for men also supports Movember Poland financially – PLN 1 from the sale of each product in November will be donated to the action of the Captain Lights Foundation.

November is the month of men’s health prophylaxis. It is the time when special attention is paid to the examination of male cancers. Movember is an annual, month-long action to raise public awareness of prostate and testicular cancer, which affects several thousand men each year in Poland.

Not only the physical health, but also the mental health of men is at risk – every year over 5000 Poles take their own lives, of which 85% are men. Men are much less likely to talk about their health and less likely to seek specialist advice, which is why this year’s Movember campaign is also about mental health. The campaign also includes women, thanks to whom nearly 80 percent of male cancers are detected.

An early detected disease does not have to mean a sentence – it is easily curable, which is why during Movember Poland in many facilities across Poland you can take advantage of discounts on preventive tests for testicular and prostate health.

ZEW for men also makes a contribution – PLN 1 from the sale of each product purchased in the online store poczujzew.pl between 1 and 26 November is earmarked for the Movember campaign of the Captain Lights Foundation. ZEW for men is also encouraging life-saving prophylaxis, medical check-ups and regular “taking matters into your own hands”, i.e. self-examination.

Throughout November, as part of Movember, men will grow a moustache – the symbol of the action, which aims to provoke discussion on men’s health and encourage other guys to get examined and take care of their own well-being.

As a brand creating products for men, we spend a lot of time exploring their needs. It is important to us that men do not neglect their health and well-being. Just as a well-groomed beard cannot be achieved without daily grooming, you cannot live in good health forgetting about prevention. At ZEW for men we know how important it is to take care of yourself in various areas. So it was natural for us to join forces with the Captain Lights Foundation and support the Movember action. – comments Marcin Mróz, Head of Sales ZEW for men.

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