Zoom – how to download the app and use instant messenger for video conferencing?

Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing apps during the pandemic. How to download Zoom, use it and what else does this instant messenger offer for chatting with friends, remote learning and working?

Zoom is an application that makes it easy to create online meetings, video broadcasts or conduct webinars. The program is distinguished by the lack of subscription in the basic version (the developers also offer paid packages), as well as the ability to display video simultaneously from up to 100 cameras. In addition, Zoom allows you to take advantage of HD video while maintaining high quality audio. These are not the only options that users can take advantage of.

How do I download Zoom?

To download Zoom, go to Zoom.us and create a free account on the site. After downloading the installation file, the application will be able to run on your computer. Zoom also offers programs designed for Android and iOS mobile devices. Zoom can also be used directly from a web browser.

Once installed, the program is ready to go in a few moments.

Zoom features

Zoom has a number of features that can be used during everyday communication. It is worth remembering that some of them have been limited in the free version – more advanced users will therefore be able to consider buying an additional subscription plan.

In the free version of the program, we can take advantage of the possibility to chat with 100 users simultaneously, as well as choose a one-on-one meeting. For group meetings, Zoom limits each meeting to 40 minutes, but the number of meetings throughout the day is unlimited.

Zoom also offers HD video and audio quality at the same level. Each person using the program can be an active listener or share the view of their screen – the app supports sharing multiple screens simultaneously.

With its collaborative features, Zoom offers meeting scheduling, local video recording support, and Outlook and Chrome browser plugins. Each person can generate their own unique link to the meeting, which ensures the security and privacy of this solution. An additional option in the free version of the program is labeled “whiteboarding”, which is designed to effectively replace the popular white board and marker in companies. Zoom supports both traditional mouse and keyboard.

Home screen

From the Zoom home screen, we can view the hostname, connection password, and URL to join the conversation, respectively. In the absence of a webcam, the participant can only connect using the microphone. The lower part of the program allows us to share the screen and invite more people through several channels.

During the conversation, Zoom gives you the ability to mute the microphone, manage participants, and chat with selected people from the panel on the right. Anyone who wants to record a meeting can also do so using the “Record” button.

As you can see, the program’s interface is not complicated and comes down to performing the simplest operations – the most necessary during communication. Zoom now also offers the ability to stream content to Facebook and YouTube. The mobile app also allows users to add and share photos and other media content stored in cloud services such as Google Drive or Dropbox.


Zoom – new dangerous security holes found

Zoom uses SSL to keep users safe and encrypts information with an AES 256 key. The company does not provide end-to-end encryption, which would only allow the sender and receiver to suspect the content of sent messages, video or audio. The risk of a conversation being intercepted is low, but it’s worth keeping in mind.

Zoom is available in several options: free, PRO, Business and Enterprise. For paid subscriptions, prices are $14.99 per month, $19.99 per month and $19.99 per month, respectively. These options are designed for corporate and business users who do not want to have limits and restrictions when using the applications. Each package also differs in its content.

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