The world’s largest penguin is from New Zealand. The find was discovered by children
It is not often that during an ordinary youth camp the remains of a
Women love serial killers
Every year in the state of California alone, about 10 serial killers on death
Did a beleaguered Sony dominate TGS?
Japan’s largest annual gaming expo was filled with additional PlayStation 3 news after Japanese
Midtown Madness 3 – Xbox
We’ve just received a package with the game, which we’ve been waiting for with
Tesla will build another record-breaking powerbank in Australia called Big Battery [FILM].
South Australia’s neighboring state of Victoria has just announced its partnership with the American
Bose Portable Smart Speaker: nothing to add, nothing to take away [test].
Bluetooth speakers are not associated with equipment “for years”, but the situation is different
Prague – pissing monuments, Soviet towers and Franz Kafka
Prague is the most visited city in our part of Europe. It is more
Kaseya and REvil – attacks to be expected on weekends and holidays
The weekend attack on Kaseya was one of the most severe ransomware attacks in
Nicu Ceaușescu. A son worse than his father
Nicu Ceaușescu showed what he was capable of as a teenager. The son of
PTC: PLN 5.5 billion to the budget
On Monday 14.11., the number of customers of Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa exceeded 10 million.
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